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for The Broken Road

7/14/2011 c23 Natalie000000
wow! i wanted to review for every single chapter but i wanted to finish the story first, and it was fantastic! i finished the hall thing in one day because i couldn't bear to put my laptop down and not finish it, it was great and a very sweet story :)
6/18/2011 c23 its-like-i-sed
OMG this was sooooooo awesomely amazing. i loved every bit of it and it was sooo cute :) thanks for writing it xxxx
5/23/2011 c23 larafrancesca
Beautiful and very well writen, Lara x
4/13/2011 c25 Unagibento
I was going to review every chapter separately but I felt that it would be a bit repetitive seeing as how I absolutely loved this story and would have just kept repeating that over and over.

When I know I am going to love a story is when I can feel the emotions the characters are experiencing. With this story, I was so in tune with what Lilly was feeling. I would frown and smile and feel my heart break a little bit with her. I love that you made her as strong and proud a character as she is. One of my teachers in high school was actually blind and I couldnt help but admire him for taking his life as head on as he did. Lilly's ability to get through her life as she did independently and show no sign of feeling like she had a disability made me think about how it must have been for my teacher. Teenagers can be cruel sometimes, but he wasnt deterred by that.

I also liked Logan as well. His hurt and jealousy were not over done or irrational. I love stories that make me feel like I'm with the characters experiencing everything and your story kept me reading non-stop!

Also, I appreciate you not rushing everything. I felt the story flowed well and their actions and emotions weren't overdone or too little.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful read! It was much needed during my time of stress. :]

P.S. I actually saw Prada and Prejudice while I was browsing the bookstore! I think I'm going to have to go back and get it! ;]
3/13/2011 c24 sweetpea265
Loved this story. It's going on my favorites list. Wish you had more for me to read, but with you now a big-time writer :P i can understand why you'd rather get paid to do what you love. I'm glad you left this story posted. Maybe you can post some of your stories that have been rejected by publishers because I'm sure there are some people out her who would enjoy them :)
2/7/2011 c23 1Alence
this story was amazing you should attempt publishing it as well i'm positive plenty of my friends would buy this heck i would by this :D
1/27/2011 c23 7sparksflyXOXO
this was sucha na amazing story. the twists and the realness of it all. it was amazing. thanks for publihies this to Fp.

1/22/2011 c23 CharlotteBradhadair
i loved it! :)

1/16/2011 c25 4Astarael-11
So, I knwo you wrote this sotry a while ago but I just recently read it and thought it was utterly fantastic. I loved your writing and just the whole story.

I love stories set in this era and this one was definitely really good. I adored it and read it in two days flat.

Anyway, that's pretty much all :)
1/13/2011 c10 Titilayo
1/8/2011 c23 mylittlePRINCESS
god your are greet writer i love it soo much
1/1/2011 c1 1Belle5887
This story was excellent. Such a beautiful romance and it really kept my interest.

Congratulations on being a published author now! You certainly deserve it - your writing is fantastic.

I think my favorite part of this story was the developing attraction between Logan and Lillian. It seemed very realistic, and your writing of the steamier scenes was great!

My only constructive criticism is on some of the wording (which I'm sure you've improved on a lot since you're published now!) I noticed that you use the word "God" a lot. Multiple characters will say "My God" or "God, such and such." Also, some of the speech doesn't fit for the historical time (example is when I think Lillian said that being a servant "stank") - but these are really small things. Otherwise, this was a great story and I look forward to reading more of your work!
12/28/2010 c23 blithe.serendipity
I love this story its well written and planned out the plotline kept me on my toes the entire time. Except it was kind of hard at the beginning to catch onto your plotline. I was kind of confused and so I ended up skimming the first couple chapters. But it got better as it went on.

I think I've actually heard of the book you published! I might just go buy it now you're a great author. Congratulations on your success. Thanks for writing this story I love it
12/13/2010 c23 DA-chen1
Wonderful, lovely story of yours! :)

I am happy now, with THIS end !

12/12/2010 c11 DA-chen1
Hello again, I really enjoyed the sexual tension!

I have a suggestion to make.. the last question:

"The question, Logan, is can you handle me?"

I think, when you change this a bit, it will sound better:

"The question is, Logan, can you handle me?" :-)

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