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for Holes

1/15/2007 c1 17K.G. Coleman
I couldn't even get past te beginning, It was too good. I re-read that two paragraphs for like twenty minutes and i couldn't make it over them. Wow.
11/26/2006 c1 6xalter-egox
This short piece was purely captivating. I almost wish it was a longer story where everything was explained and resolved by the end, but the real beauty of it is its mystery and succinctness. Your use of language is elegant and yet easy to understand. Keep writing! I'm going to read something else of yours right now.


P.S. Thanks for the review!
2/20/2005 c1 3melody mama
Well written. I love how you tell the story of her imigration and cultural oppression without coming right out and telling the story. You work it in beautifully with her thoughts. Please continue to write, you are very talented.

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