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for Help! My daughter wants to marry a human!

1/22/2008 c1 7DarkCougar555
hahaha very good one! Really like it a lot -fav this story-
3/23/2005 c1 3Raven-Mage-Pisces
Very good. Funny, especially when you said the dad started to wheel over to the prince and the bouncers had to hold him back^^

Raven x
3/2/2005 c1 Brandon
This was a little corny because it makes a mocary of the little mermaid.
2/26/2005 c1 174marshbar960
this is hilarious, although i couldn't imagine the talk show host saying "shut up". also, the father getting eaten by a shark...hm? still, i like the play, however, for it actually teaches a lesson. the moral of this play is tolerance and acceptance of individuality and differences. this is what i got from it, at least, but of course i could be wrong. thanks for sharing and keep writing!

p.s. when you get time, please read "redboy the magnificent" and "unconditional love" and tell me what you think so far. thanks for sharing and keep writing!

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