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for How to Write a Fantasy Cliche

7/18/2020 c3 Eli
[Well, in that case, you can write essays about how to write fantasy cliche, in order to help other poor innocents on their way.]

Hey, that's... you.

Love this, by the way!
6/19/2013 c3 Miss Instant Noodles
Oh my god, this was amazing! I was literally crying of laughter while reading it. I almost lost it when you were talking about story titles! This was really funny and enjoyable!
2/15/2013 c3 Iceleaf
I quite like this.
I am glad you did not say to do away with cliche. If you like it and/or it is well written who really cares if it is cliche?
Besides cliche becomes cliche by being used many times. And why would you reuse something no one likes?
Your ... whatsit is also useful for just writing in general. If someone is just starting to get into writing and creating a good story seems donting your whatsit can help. It gives you a good idea of how you would start a story. Not nessasarily a cliche one, but using the idea of thinking of the characters, plot, plot devices, and the way you want it to end first. The whole thing seems much more feasible this way. I hope that makes sense.
3/7/2012 c2 Kouma the AQH
And there is the 5% of us who DO know about horses and will be sitting there scratching our heads when authors use this terminology.
11/28/2011 c3 30Neuravinci
I think you should continue this...maybe delve more into plot cliches and characters-I hope I don't have *too* many cliches in my story...
11/28/2011 c2 Neuravinci
another great chapter, yes indeed!
11/28/2011 c1 Neuravinci
Oh goodness, this made me laugh more than once lol

And I think I wrote a cliche into my one fantasy story on ficpress...sigh...oh well...:)
12/20/2010 c1 1Zuut
This is just... wonderful. Just wonderful. I now have something used to make sure I do not base it off of.

You my dear, are genius. Thank you. :D
6/10/2010 c3 3Kyre Crow
Thus Legolas is the love interest in a fantasy cliche... if LOTR was a fantasy cliche... yeah. Elves are bizarre... Can we shoot them with flying carrots. yeah, it shriveled up and died...or it did that last week... The happy bunnies are adorable.

hehhehheh *insane laughter* ...

I think maybe I'll try writing a short fantasy cliche... Possible... Although I probably won't put it (if I write it) up on this site.
6/10/2010 c2 Kyre Crow
Love triangles are cool. I just read this in like thirty minutes ('cause i was being obsessive and rereading) and thought it would be nice to review... Villains are awesome. Love triangles are cool. Dragons and horses and unicorns are pretty. Ribbons are the solution to all the world's problems. Yeah. *wanders off to give male hero a magic crystal cackling* Great story/essay/ whatever you call it!
6/10/2010 c1 Kyre Crow
Cool idea. This was really entertaining. I'm emailing my friend and I can't help just randomly quoting this. These are the basics for a cliche, but anyone can take similar basics and turn them into, well, anything! Everyone's trying to get away from cliches, but what's a story if it has nothing readers can relate to? Something cliche?

Anyway, all authors are thieves. Why not make that theivery a bit more obvious?

I dont' know, I think I'm just ranting now. I never thought about villains this way before. I guess I just imagine that anyone who writes villains makes them all evil and have no reason for doing it and no dignity and such. I guess I never thought about villains having real history and such, despite trying desperately to give them some and making them more of heroes and the heroes are more villains... That was random. *Reads over and over, memorizing...* Yeah, randomness. Cliche stuff! *Okay, that means my brain died, I'll end this review now.*
1/9/2009 c3 5Chris Rhyanne
THANK YOU! This is exactly what I needed. Cliche references. And I laughed out loud (literally) at several intervals during reading when the laughter built up and just came out. Congratulations, my mom has given me three strange looks the last ten minutes now. And congratulations, your story is very officially widespread. I am already noticing more and more books with unpronounceable names that, when/if made into a movie, I will be sure not to recognize by sound. Hopefully these people will have a classic scar somewhere to identify them.

...But being serious, this is a very humorous guide that anyone can relate to (ex. new Rowling wannabees), though I must disagree with the Dragon naming, having written and read about them for years. You forgot about the overused 'X's! You know, Xeron, Xuaid, Xeriamlindid? Xixxi? Just saying. Anywho, love it, and hopefully we will be seeing some sort of equally lol-inducing "How to write a Sappy Chick Flick Cliche" soon. ;) Good writings to you, and a Happy New Year!
12/19/2008 c3 1dyingimmortal
This was awesome! I was cracking up the whole time while reading it. xD You made me hate Eragon, by the way. Bravo. :D
12/19/2008 c3 1bleedingskyx

I think I have to write a story now, following your guidelines~ :] would you mind if I did, as long as I give you credit? if not, that's okay.

xP anyways.

this was brilliant.

did you not like eragon? x3
7/25/2008 c3 65Nemonus
LOL, nice. Excellently sarcastic.
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