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for He Said, She Said

2/24/2005 c1 2lYk oMg36912
ok iwont wast my time u fukin lozer
2/22/2005 c1 7uniquexsoul
i thought it was good !
2/22/2005 c1 twenty-second seduction
Hana. Your writing skills are amazing. Fantabulous.

The line that I liked the most was 'It was very tranquil at home, sweet home. As if everyone was mute.'.

It's really very well written.=]

( i hope you don't mind me reviewing, i was at that person's site looking to see if she got flames & your screenname showed =] )
2/22/2005 c1 Made in U.S.A
Hana! I absolutly adore this! Why didn't you tell me you can write such pretty words? Really this would make such a perfect song and you are so going to me show what it sounds like. If I had any space left I'd totally add you to my favorite list of writers. Keep writing and I LOVE YOU! oh and this reminds me of brand new. Really well done :D :D :D :D : D

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