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1/7/2008 c26 Casey Drake
I miss this story a great deal, though I understand time constraints. Just thought I'd let you know that we're still here and we still love this story.

And Cal is related to Dail and/or to a mountain spirit, isn't he? That's why he finds The Lay of Dail so amusing.

:) CD
4/19/2006 c26 Anonymous
Hey I think your story is awesome. It has a well developed plot, and a really original storyline.How come you aren't updating anymore?
4/15/2006 c26 Waaa
Come on...Update!Hasn't it been on hold long enough? *whines*
10/16/2005 c26 waaaaaaaaa
where has wind of the soul gone?
9/16/2005 c8 1AznDoofus
Wow, You don't need anymore reviews, but i have to add one, I loved your story! Its grea. Heh I cant wait to see the next xhapter but still, ive read 26 chapters to this story and theres still not another clue about Yjadd's fathe rsince chapter 1! Evil cliff hanger, lol well, UPDATE SOON! :D
9/6/2005 c26 9SapphireIris
I love this story! Absapositively 10/10! The layout in genius, and I can't wait for the next chapters.

8/26/2005 c25 CD
GO 101! This is getting cooler and cooler. I'm glad that she fixed things up between the circus and herself and Brin and herself.

I'm still waiting for you to reveal who/what Earin is! Because I'm certain I know, but i won't say, because I'm enough of a spoiler demon (your words, not mine) already!

Changed the name again. Apparently Casey Drake is easier to remember.

:) CD
8/25/2005 c26 12Lccorp2

Lord Duffikus the Devourer:

Der Gasp!

How this piece of work managed to pass me by is beyond me-I've spent countless Rounds upon the Demonic Planes sifting through the Fantasy Section on this place, and never found this gem...

It's too much for my creator to handle in one review, so he's instructed me to give one thing: good work!

The next time he reviews, he'll try to point out what he liked about the chapter and stuff like that...sitting down for 2-3 hours reading does not make for a review-like mind.
8/16/2005 c1 waaaa
where are the updates?*sniff*
8/14/2005 c4 2Casey Drake
where are you? you haven't updated in... eleven days! from you, this is too confuzzling for my poor tiny brain to compute.

:) CD
8/14/2005 c2 Casey Drake
a question that just hit me. what does a carimka look like? for most of the story, a hollow tube with strings of different thicknesses at both ends has stuck in my mind, and then something like a two-foot-long guitar.

neither seems to fit the description you give, now that I look closely at it.

help please.

:) CD
8/2/2005 c29 Casey Drake
oo... Strange how Earin has so many different accents. As if none of them are his own.

I bet he's one of the elven you mentioned the second week with Saer(?) Hernath, the Fenlander. That's why he wears the hood... to cover up pointed ears and whatever color hair your elvenfolk have, if it's not a regular human color.

:) CD
8/1/2005 c28 CD
oo... cool! Is this one of your Elder Races? oo... I like the name. Eh-are-in, right? accent on "are"?

:) CD
7/31/2005 c24 CD
*sniff sniff**wipes tear* that's so sad...

I made up music for it. I hope you don't mind.

:) CD
7/28/2005 c28 Casey Drake
wow! I can review normally! wow. uber-cool. who is the being who calls? Sother? a mestiyr? *blink* Faor?

I am confusing myself. let's see...

It could be Sother. It's not likely Faor. Possibly a mestiyr.

or... one of the Elder Races? and Elf, looking after the young woman he/she gave a Gift to? I am going to stop now.

I went to your website. is there a map for the Wind of the Soul world?

*sings* Nel tikte imle!

:) CD
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