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7/27/2005 c28 CD
this is weird. but cool. is this Sother speaking? Perhaps? and the two ladies were very strange, almost-a little-like Avatars. Avatars of Sother?

:) CD
7/27/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
Excellent chapter. Beautiful style and elegant, mature voice. I love it. I will read this slowly, but drink in every word.
7/27/2005 c28 DarkerLink
Ahh...a voice in the night...Cant wait to see where you are going with this..

Are there any particular characters that wont really be cropping up again? (Dont say if it will ruin the story but I am as curious as a cat!)
7/25/2005 c25 jan
Hmm, another story of the Enimari Rangers and this time, for some reason, it reminds me of braveheart and lotr with the "king mercy's or mine" line. Great ending to the story. Good job, as always :)
7/25/2005 c25 CD
Brin's right, that was good. Both Yjadd and you are good storytellers.

I replied to your review.

:) CD
7/20/2005 c23 CD
I like the bit at the end, with The Battle of the Songs. hm... that would be an interesting story bit somewhere... yours or mine?

:) CD
7/20/2005 c22 CD
hiya! well, i think the song was a very good tribute, even to such a... person. and thank you for clarifying the translation of the other song... how long have you been making the Satht Da'yri language anyway? and if Satht is "child of" or "children of", what is is "Da'yri"?

:) CD
7/17/2005 c26 DarkerLink
Wow! Now THAT is ironic! Stopping a jail break for her father? You gotta feel sorry for the guard... hmm I wonder if he apologises? And I cant wait to see what their reactions are to the execution. :-)
7/16/2005 c1 1Madcow13
I love the idea of the naming and love the descriptions within this. This is definitely original stuff and is well-written and so far is deviod of cliché. A refreshing read.
7/15/2005 c23 DarkerLink
M...bubble...:-D Great name for it!

The idea of the cart/bus is cool...I guess it just goes from inside the city to out and back again... will there be one that goes round the city?

Keep writing!
7/14/2005 c22 Casey
this is for the next chapter, because anonymous reviews are not letting me double-review.

ANYway, I think there's a line missing in the Satht Da'yri version of the song, because

"Order says it does not know our world in essence, for the sake of universal balance mesti cannot always enter or leave this plane"

is far too long (I think) to fit "Olet anre hen bareme paniyri ren."
7/14/2005 c23 Casey do i need to write the whole name
I like the song and last chapter's quote about not being in the same boat but being on the same river.

:) CD
7/13/2005 c26 Casey Dragonstar
I finally took your advice and did an un-logged-in review, and I agree it's a great deal more convenient.

Now... will Yjaddetht ever find out who her father is? Since he quite obviously isn't Caryn? Not only because you said so, but because Caryn made no comment about Aleen Astyjer when Yjadd mentioned it, therefore it isn't likely he knows Aleen enough to have bedded her. begging your pardon.

Anyway. what happens next?

I hope this is long enough to make up for all the AAHHs and OH NOs and huhs. I remember you made a comment about that.

7/12/2005 c23 jan
i really like this section of stories (i guess i am pretty much someone who love stories within stories). The last part with the twist with ralun was pretty light-hearted and amusing and it's a good way to keep anything slightly serious intact with a tinge of humor.
7/7/2005 c22 DarkerLink
lol! thats really good! I wonder how much other stuff that Brin would have picked up with teh bandits...maybe she could teach something to Ralun and Yjadd!

Thinking back...I keep on wondering how that young 6yr old stow-away will reappear, cos they will have changed a lot before teh 6 yrs are up. Curiousity...how many moons are there in a year? 12 or some other number?

But great work, again,lol!
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