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5/25/2005 c15 S. P. Ratt
::Day 92/93:: Aww. I love you too... since you churn out all this amazing writing! It's like a daily dose of candy. Free candy. Only loads better, because it's writing, and writing beats food any day. Though that's likely cause I'm weird... ^_^ Poor Jolin and Yjadd. Long distance relationships are hard, but it must be a million times worse when the people involved can't even communicate with each other or even plan rendevous with each other. Da boo. Tis a shame indeed. Have they promised to stay loyal to each other, or are they free to have relationships with other cool cats they run into on their assorted travels? Just curious, you see. And wondering how that problem is going to work out. Keep it up! (Not that you need to be told, of course. Crazy authors... ::shakes her head::)
5/21/2005 c17 S. P. Ratt
Yjadd's going to regret all that alcohol in the morning... XD But I LOVE the line where you say: "We’re singing different tunes in different keys, with different words in different languages, so it doesn’t really matter that we’re both totally flat. That’s not the point." It's lovely. ^_^
5/17/2005 c18 exconumitated
i love you! and the story.you update so often and the story is so interesting,

did i mention i love you?
5/15/2005 c17 S. P. Ratt
::Day 83:: Ooh my. Hahahaha. I'm so proud of Yjadd and Jolin for working that out though. And the thing Jolin told her about why he loves her - it was amazingly sweet. ^_^ Love the story, wherever it's going. Though I'm sure you don't know. Keep it up!
5/15/2005 c17 2Casey Drake
ah. well, it was inevitable...

:) CD
5/14/2005 c15 S. P. Ratt
::Day 81:: And... she can't just ask Jolin's opinion? Have a conversation about it so that they're both on the same page without actually suggesting they do anything? Maybe I'm just much more straightforward and terrified of misunderstanding (as opposed to accidents) than Yjadd is. But not kissing Jolin? Or telling him what's wrong? Hmph. Not my thing. Oh welz. I'm sure it'll work out and she'll explain it all to him. Or I sure would... but as I said, I'm terrified of misunderstandings and miscommunication. Gah, scary stuff. Keep up the fantastic tale! ^_^
5/11/2005 c13 S. P. Ratt
::Day 79:: Lovely and sweet. I really like this chapter, though I still wish Yjadd could have fallen for her best friend instead of Jolin. Oh well. Life goes on, I suppose. When Yjadd reassured Jolin that even though she would certainly leave, she would also certainly find him again. It was a very fluffy (that's right: fluffy) moment. ^_^ You write a LOT. And I'm sure it'll pay off and you'll become excellent and disciplined: both skills which I lack. Success is a simple matter of work ethic. So this means that you'll be successful, I suppose. Yepyep.
5/10/2005 c3 fantasywriter2
I absolutly love this story! I have only read a ways through chapter three, but what I have read I find great. I've told lots of people about this story and they seem to like it too. The characters are so vivid and what is going on around them I feel I can see them in my head just as clear as a t.v. I find nothing wrong with this story and I cannot wait to finish it.
5/9/2005 c17 S. P. Ratt
Jolin again? I still like her best friend since childhood best, meself... though it was a nice touch to have Jolin help get them out. ^_^ I wonder how Jolin and Ham will get along? Oh can't wait to see. I also wonder if Lai will show up on the ship as a passenger... even though I know she has other places to go. But maybe? Maybemaybe? Yes. ^_^ Love it, and (just as you have been) keep up the grand writing. I'll try and read through your Eden story eventually. And your Wild Magic one. Someday. Since I love how you write.
5/8/2005 c15 2Washer
Howdy howdy! Just wanted you to know I'm still alive, and I'm keeping up with your story. As always, I'm intrigued and eager to read more. Doresoth's dreams are becoming really interesting when viewed in combination with her feelings. She sensed the storm coming, and the little girl following her. I wonder if maybe she has a little more diviner in her than she realized?
5/6/2005 c14 S. P. Ratt
::Day 74:: Lovely chapter. Her trouble with the chant-singing reminds me of why I dislike Beowulf. That was a fun poem though, and I'm impressed at how clearly the story came across. I'm an awful poet myself, so (even though this isn't a work for the ages...) I think your poem is ever so marvelous. It has rhythm, rhyme, and sense. Tis hard to manage all of that. ^_^ Keep up the grand work! (Not that I need to tell you that, you writing fiend. ^_~)
5/5/2005 c1 3Catstar14
this is good, im gonna go read the next chaptet now.

pleaze read my story
5/3/2005 c11 S. P. Ratt
Aw... poor thing. I felt a bit like that last night... but not THAT bad. An error: when Ralun decides they need to find a place to stay for a while (yay for taking care of Yjadd! ^_^) Yjadd looks at the "floor" when she should be looking at the "ground." Unless she's... in a building on the road? Tiny inconsistency, but I see them so rarely in your writing that I felt it worthwhile to point out. Out of curiousity... how much time do you spend writing a day? It must be an impressive amount. So I'm impressed even without knowing, but I'm still curious. ^_^
5/2/2005 c16 S. P. Ratt
Aww. Poor baby. Making her tea and broth and pampering her would be good to help her get better... at least for starters. Though that's not so good: getting sick on the road. Not so good at all. She has that little girl to look after in 6 years though, so that should be motivation to live. ^_^ Ever so nicely done. Lovin' it, cause it's fantastic.
4/30/2005 c14 S. P. Ratt
::Day 68:: Aris is adorable! I like that there's more movement to the story now... or a bit more of a plot? Something. But an event set in the future (outside of the story's likely timeline) that Yjadd can work towards or focus on if she ever has troubles. And I think it's a marvelous goal, too. A promise like that could well change Aris's life for the better, especially since Istanian culture is so limiting as far as the average woman's life is concerned. Love this chapter, and keep it up!
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