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for Wind of the Soul

2/24/2005 c2 2wickedstarr42
yjadd is going to be doreyjai, ent she? haha, i like. the whole knida tribal setting is way cool. don't leave kalean behind, i really like him. really good, tho. it would b nice if all ur names weren't so impossible, but that's personal preference, i suppose... i just hate trying to figure out weird pronunciations... :P i'm just wondering, since this is a fantasy story if the whole magic thing should b like, a more integral part of the community... coz it's kinda half there, but it seems like it may bcome a big thing and i think u may want to kind of plant the seeds of that early on, y'know? neway, write more soon, coz it's a bit too intro at this point and somethin needs to happen. well done ^_^
2/22/2005 c1 wontbeusedanymore
Not bad at all. I'm very courious to see where this leads.
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