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7/1/2005 c3 13Widom
O . o Oh...interesting. Gak! I'm sorry...I just now realized that I had not been keeping up with your story, which is very sad. I enjoy it greatly, and I haven't been keeping track of it. *tears* Anyway, you combined the two? Amazing. I didn't think they could be combined.
3/25/2005 c10 Jasmine
Well, it was certainly differnt. I'm a major fan of shounen-ai, but your story was lacking details, I liked it but more details! But please keep writing because it was interesting!
3/3/2005 c7 10Green Forest
I'm alive ::runs in wearing superman suit:: Some character sketches would be interesting. I wonder wear they ended up.
2/25/2005 c4 Green Forest
You can consider me dense, baut that's ok. It's just weird with the same character name, but I'll trust you that it will be different, I mean it seems different already. I was just wondering if he got his sister free so easily, how come he didn't do that earlier?
2/24/2005 c2 Green Forest
This story's interesting too. Is this the same 'Silver' from the other story? Just a little confused. It's intriguing, is Silver sha'ni, is he also the protector guy? (you better not stop the other story there at such a cliffie)
2/23/2005 c2 13Widom
I have seen the story of champions, and it is called "Silver Tears." Very nice. Enhanced my life.
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