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9/27/2005 c1 28Desert Baileya
Ick ick, reading this forces me to face things I ignore on a daily basis. Because I'm a great masochist, I'm intrigued. (Angst is my way of life, too.)

3/30/2005 c1 7swtdreamz101
ohh...self destruction...the unforseen enemy- muahaha- sorry j/k, anyway nice poem =D
3/4/2005 c1 yoda
spooky but well written

writing, like music gains appeal, when it brightens or enlightens people's lives
2/28/2005 c1 katmufla
hey this is good...there are a lot of ideas in here. it's really interesting and well written. thanks for reviewing one of my poems/songs. i appreciate it. this is great stuff. keep it up:D
2/28/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
Really deep. The title fits the poem perfectly and is creepy for love. Beautiful poem.

!~* Noelle *~!
2/28/2005 c1 3evilmonkey2007
hey i like your work. i like stuff that is deep. most of the time i dont like poems that dont rhyme but i thought yours was done extremely well. thanks for the review ~cheers, amie~
2/23/2005 c1 8CutToHeal
deep. really deep.

I liked it.

"The blood tastes bittersweet in my mouth" i especially liked that.
2/23/2005 c1 20Nivek Relleom
Oh, how it has..

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