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for Blue Dog

4/8/2005 c1 5inferno tempest
great. keep it up!
3/6/2005 c1 kayttea
that's really good! from your summary for some reason i thought it was actually about a dog lol. this poem is great.

yup i updated. im not sure if ill continue illuminated eyes tho, unless u like where it is heading. :-)

yay! i get me own special little poem! lol. i feel special.

yes i've read a bunch of lumber jacks stuff...or whatever his screen name is. i never really got his screen name im not sure why but it confused me, lol. but he's hilarious no? did u read the one with the what was it...the freaky paper faces dudes? i dont remember... anyway i've never heard of the caterpillar person tho. :-P

well until next time! later!

2/26/2005 c1 7Jack Lumber
Not bad. I like the blue dog thing. That makes it less boring. Thumbs up.

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