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for Alone

4/18/2007 c1 DruglordXXX
i didn't really like it. It felt contrived and forced, maybe even exiguous. Try again, maybe...
3/1/2007 c1 20Mein Herz Brennt
Short and simple. Yet effectively powerful. Very nicely done.
2/9/2007 c1 113Travis C. Eckert
Shows some sadness of a fallen relasionship but it leaves to want me.
8/13/2006 c1 31Leaving Here
wow. i am starting to like short poems more to read just bc they are too the point like you said.this is really good. i don't know how you meant it but there is alot of ways you can and alot of ppl can relate.

4/26/2006 c1 593Morwain
sad very sad and good
2/17/2006 c1 Needa S
Soo sad, but an awesome write just the same.
1/6/2006 c1 24Tr APeze-sWiNGer
Aww..so sad...but I like it.
12/13/2005 c1 WhyCannotIdeleteaFPAccount
Well written, two thumbs up ^^ - keep writing I like your style of writing. Also, thanks for the reviews you've given me so far.
11/7/2005 c1 192drummerbonbon
Your writing is so good! Thanks for the review.
11/4/2005 c1 8BJ Worth
I really like how you stated what you felt, simply and powerfully, without going on and on. It sucks, being abandoned...
11/3/2005 c1 3Broken doll on a dirty shelf
This seems like a problem in my life right now, but the way you wrote it was excellent. The last line really left a mark on me. This was fantastic.

Harlequin~Please fix me...
10/13/2005 c1 43Patricia Louise
9/14/2005 c1 21sirkupo
Short and sweet... Well... maybe not sweet.. ^^;; But I like hw this one is to the point, the emotion is there and prominent in the very first line and sticks with it till the end. Good job!

8/28/2005 c1 85Embellished Heart
I really like this one. Short but very effective.Well done
8/28/2005 c1 102backseats on thursdays
Amazing. I love it,
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