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for Eden

5/12/2005 c8 trillionagesprout
Dude, seriously, this was the most awesome story ever. I feel like planting a tree now... *sniffle* :P
5/9/2005 c8 andy-hodges
I loved your story. You should look into getting it published.
5/9/2005 c5 2wickedstarr42
mwahhahahaha! very nice, i like. so, this is a rather short story, then, ya? if there's only like, one more chapter after these new 4? well, i like the developing romance (or what had better b a developing romance) there. i dunno, maybe it's just me, but i felt like u could hav spent a little more time describing the top level. hm, wat am i saying? maybe i'm on about like, their interaction with the top level. bcoz i found that i could kind of picture the top level- that's wat it is. i got like, a half picture, but not a particularly clear one. (sorry, it took me a while to figure out wat the heck i was sayin there.) i would hav liked for u to spend more words on its description, is wat i'm trying to say, then. ya. i regret to say that i will not b updating sorceress at least until half term (may31-jun4). if by some miracle i do update b4 then, u all will be pleasantly surprised, but that is doubtful. much regrets. and i can still use all the luck u can wish me for my auditions! (i cant believe thy're freaking wednesday!) neway, love u lots! mwah!
5/8/2005 c6 Ender
Wow...truly amazing. This is absolutely wonderful. You seriously might want to think about doing something more with this in the future. I know I'd buy it if it were a book!

The only thing that I could see that might be a problem for some people are the jumps in time. I supposed some people might have liked to know what actually happened when Zoe arrived at the Blue Hawks. But, it's your story so you can do whatever you want.
5/4/2005 c4 wickedstarr42
wow! one hundred and fifty freaking stories! can mike and zoe please fall in love? i like the thought of them together. and i'm really starting to like jerei and ado. their really cool, but totally mysterious and it's a great combo. i do hav one complaint to lodge, and that is i wish you wouldnt make so many time jumps. i mean, would it kill you to have two chapters in a row that take place in the same year? it just interrupts the flow alot and it feels like there's holes in the story. not that i think there are, you've done well in covering them, but when u start reading a chapter and it's like a whole diff story and then u find out it's 10 years later, it's like, 'oh. but... wha?' anyway, that's my official complaint, but i do like the story. good stuff. oh, btw, the summary says it's supposed to be kinda spiritual...? i'm not seein it. just thot i'd let u know, since u seem to have an interest in whether or not that comes through. i like the name eden for a sci fi story tho. just thot i'd mention that. well, ciao babe!
5/3/2005 c3 wickedstarr42
oh, cryptic. neato. one thing- alot of ur readers will probably be american, and to us 'torch' is one of those big stick things that u light the end of and they used them in like, the middle ages. so there is a possibility that that might cause confusion (at least, temporary confusion). coz obviously this is set in the future, and for americans 'torch' just dont fit (btw, i do know that a torch is a flashlight...) neway. coolness with jerei and stuff. i'll read more later.
5/3/2005 c2 wickedstarr42
whoa-ho! u didnt separate the different bits of the chapters again and i was way confused! cool stuf, tho, content-wise. nice. keep it up!
4/27/2005 c1 wickedstarr42
cool. i like the futuristic setting. good for that to be established in the vague but still clear enuf way. quite short, tho, this first chap, ennit? (and yes, i am getting a brummy accent, leave me alone...lol) i must admit, i'm quite interested in this from the summary. i'll read more... lol. l8r
4/11/2005 c3 web-reader
I like the suspense-girls with abilities, but no one yet knows what kind and how powerful those abilities are.

please update soon! and please start revealing more of Zoe's abilities.
4/10/2005 c2 2Casey Drake
have you ever read the "hex" trilogy, by Rhiannon Lassiter? this sounds a lot likethat world gone WAY wrong.

:) CD
3/19/2005 c2 6Lucertola
I really liked this. I think it's quite the idea, the girl with her plants in a world where plants are obsolete, and in her case, illegal. And it's all very well written. Please do continue this! :)
2/27/2005 c2 SilentRiver
A really good story and good writing. I can't wait to read more.Rei
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