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for A Poker Game with the Devil

5/17/2005 c1 32DeViLDaughTeR
Heh, amusing poem. Even though, it seems depressing it makes me smile. Don't ask. lol I like the ending when you go "Depressing huh?" That's what really made me smile. I like this poem a lot.
2/28/2005 c1 5Crimsonoaks
wow i really liked that. i had a little trouble understanding some parts, but i really liked the wording, and what i did get. the ending was especially good.
2/27/2005 c1 rainkisser
my last review was stinky because I was at the University for my vio,lin lessons. um... I really did like it, it had this evil feel to it that made it really jump. Um... I loved it a lot too because I knew what you were talking about! hehehehehe. the moon under the cloud! hehe. the stars EVERYTHING hehehehehe even the reference to the devil made me smile with memories. really well done. much love -Mia PS love the new screen name
2/27/2005 c1 54rainkisser
YEY! loveyour newname! that's lots of fun! heheheheehe. your the dukes lover now?gtg

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