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for Like the stars above

8/14/2005 c1 Blarghshima
Okay, let's all look at the different points of shitty-ness in this poem.

"Wondering if you’re going to return to meI love you so...But you left!"

Well...no DUH he left. Dumbass!

"With me to look upon these beautiful glowing dots in the sky!"

Glowing Dots...how very poetic...not. Dumbass.

"They say true love last forever!But how can that be when you have left me?"

Easy...it wasn't true love...obviously! Logic, dumbass, it's logic. Nice ryhming scheme here too...not.

"Because my darling you don’t really know how much I miss you!"

I think he does...that's why he left. Dumbass.

"That is our love?"

What love? Sounds like this guy is like any other. Scared of this poem and it's bad gramatical errors and poor rhyme schemes and lack of proper logic.

But maybe I'm just being a little too mean. But that's the way I am. Dumbass.

Have a nice day.
3/10/2005 c1 51Keith Andrew
That sgood. i really lik ethe way you portrayed the emotion and the imagery in this poem.. good work-Keith Andrew

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