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for Autumn's Sonnet

2/10/2002 c1 9Azusasan
Oh wow... I really think my jaw is stuck to the floor... ::blink:: How am I talking then? :P I really like this. I'm going to work harder, and try to match up to your statistics... Wait a sec, that'll never happen. :( Well, I'm an author. Proud enough to say that! I also love autumn, 'cept for the fact school begins in that particular season... But, I do love this. I agree with you, this is the most beautiful sonnet I've seen by far!

1/23/2002 c1 Louest
Very good. I particularily loved the last two lines, though the whole poem really coveyed the softness of autumn. Good job.

8/25/2001 c1 Joh
Autumn is my favorite season. Good job
7/2/2001 c1 dragonfire10
::Dear v_voltaire:: This is beautiful. *wipes tear from eye* I wanna use it in a fic! ^_^ Pleeeease? ::dragonfire::
6/23/2001 c1 Ismini
I loved it!It makes a great atmosphere,with all these special colors the autumn leaves have...
6/12/2001 c1 Honesty
Lovely. I loved the last two lines.
6/6/2001 c1 141E. Gao
Wow...splendid imagery! I really admire you for 1)getting through a sonnet (I could never manage...), and 2)capturing that *feeling* of autumn (I think you know what I'm talking about, I love autumn's leaves also). Good job, I really mean it, and I hope you keep writing forever and ever. ^_^
5/24/2001 c1 4Kate Crufi
Oooh. Wow. Good work... *really* good work; I'm impressed :-) Personally, I'm addicted to sonnets, but mine are *far* too lousy to post... this one shows them up as the imposters they are... It's really, really good... really good. Okay, now I'm just being redundant... but good job :-)
5/18/2001 c1 Storm Syren
Hey, cool, I like it. It's not really a sonnet, though, is it?
4/20/2001 c1 Gradual Decline
Dude! That was really beautiful. Wish I could write like that! Voltaire (if we're thinking of the same one) rocks. I met him at a concert he did at Icon last month. Really sweet guy. (did I mention sexy? He's almost as lovely as your poem)
3/18/2001 c1 Tekno Danish
This was beautiful! I'm so bad at writing poetry and I don't often read it. However, the title kind of struck because I am currently in the process of writing a Digimon story that takes place during Autumn because it's my favorite season. I'm really hating Spring-I want my pretty leaves to come back!
3/13/2001 c1 Obsidian Indifference
Beautiful. Would that rhyming pattern be called an iambic quadrameter? I'm no connoisseur of poetry, sadly.
1/29/2001 c1 4Elene
beautiful indeed, so peaceful and soft. - elene
1/26/2001 c1 Void
Very pretty. ^_^ I like leaves too.

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