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for What they do to me

3/9/2005 c1 13SpiritualNomad
i no how u feel, i feel the same way. but i got sick of it so thats y they r groveling for mercy. anger if stored up over time turns into powerful rage...ag! went dark again! srry but yeah i no how u feel. keep writing!
3/8/2005 c1 27crysta17
oh...kay...that is very emotional ^_^ and very good, in fact...the feelings are well captured...

i can't very much relate since we're two different cultures, the west and the traditional east...eastern culture (Asian and the likes), when in school, labels you one of the populars, when you have brains, leadership qualities, sports-minded and the likes...it's kind of the well-rounded type of person that survives here...^_^UU but popularity isn't one thing that easterners look at...

tc and keep writing...!


thought i could help by giving info...-_-UU
3/2/2005 c1 51crazybeautiful89
wow, this is so good! and also so true. i hate the bitches that think they're popular and that they can be mean to everyone, but everyone should still worship them. ugh. makes me sick. really great poem! x
3/2/2005 c1 lufeceasghost
'A life that isn't mine' i like that. perfect wording for so many peoples thoughts

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