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12/8/2012 c7 Jukebox24
This is my first time writing a review and you probably won't see this but I really enjoyed this story. Trinity's emotions clearly came through and it really makes you appreciate life and the short time we have. This idea of heaven and of Dominic is really good and I wish the story was longer and expanded on your ideas. My main criticism, which is more of a personal opinion, is I wish the last chapter didn't exist because it's too happy... The last chapter has such a bittersweet ending. It shows a lot about acceptance, and again how we should appreciate our lives. However, your story is really lovely and you probably don't go on this site anymore, but on the off chance that you do see this, I hope you know that you are really creative and I also hope that you haven't stopped writing :)
9/1/2008 c7 22dawnimoya
i absolutely loved it![:

it was very bittersweet, what we wouldn't give for a second chance right? great writing, all the best!

xoxo, dawnimoya.
7/23/2007 c7 lydia

this is brilliant.

7/4/2007 c7 Lenka Penka
that was really awesome!
5/6/2007 c7 swimchickslam
Aww.. that's so sweet :)
11/2/2006 c7 sorceress
It's great! I love this story. Keep up the good work! Good luck ^^
10/11/2006 c7 luv me like no other
This story really makes me appreciate life a lot more. It's so touching and beautiful...
8/19/2006 c7 mippon
Now I am freakishly wary of coffee... o_o But that was honestly a wonderful story to read. It made me cry... -.- Sighh...

Dominic, the Death Giving.

7/10/2006 c7 rockpaperscissors
i have to say, this story was brilliant in its own way. different from what i thought it would be, and still it was mesmerizing. i love how you explored the realm of a world that none of us ever knew, and probably will never know. the story was fantastic, and i will repeat once again, i loved it.
7/9/2006 c7 7CallMeCute
aww that was sweet
6/25/2006 c7 2Gracie Girlie
I wasn't too sure what to expect when i began reading it but it is one of the most heart warming, original stories i've had the pleasure of reading. I thought it was very touching x
6/18/2006 c7 iKosinR
i have a love/hate relationship with stories like yours.. i love them oh so dearly but afterwards i always feel like there's SOMETHING underneath the surface, deeper in, that i'm not getting. anyway, this story was really very original and sweet and simple on the surface but holds a lot of hidden meaning. i didn't get the last part until i read another review - the part about the lightning. and dominic getting back to work.

i kept waiting for you to explain something about how he appears like a boy her age to her because he changes form for each of the people he approaches, but that was probably just my mind sillily at work.

btw is this your new authorname now? i got here through a link on your other profile, and i really enjoyed your baseball stories, though a lot of your stuff was unfinished. i really like this one too though. even though it fits perfectly without a sequel, i somehow want to know more about dominic :).
6/10/2006 c7 pangur
i don't know, this was just really original to me. i know there are TONS of stories with the whole 3 wishes concept, or a chance to be alive again concept, but yours was the best i've read. it was short and to the point, bittersweet. i like how she formed a sort of bond with death, and in the end he gave her what she wanted, like he actually cared for her, cared how she felt. i love how you tied in that " looks like dominic is back to work" at the end, because that means that maybe that sort of thing is happening every day around us and we don't even know.. anyywayy, i loved your story. keep it up :)
6/4/2006 c7 34mylittlechangingtruths
I do love this story. it was a happliy-evr-after, but not all that cheesy. nice! very heart-warming!
5/30/2006 c6 mylittlechangingtruths
*sigh* i DO love this story. it is very realistic,very true. i don't mean realistic as in this could really happen;i mean that things aren't perfect here, and she learns something. she learns to be content. i really really really love this story!
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