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2/15/2014 c13 15HavocandBobo
I love that story! The last two chapters (minus the author's note) made me cry! You did a great job and if this was a real book, I believe that I would read it over and over again. Great job!
2/15/2014 c11 HavocandBobo
That chapter made me cry! But I'm loving this story!
12/26/2012 c13 JustAnonymous
Read your story. It was great though it's like a plot in a movie that I saw.
11/8/2010 c13 Da-zGreen
What a cute story. I love it. Thanks for posting this story up. You did a fine job!
3/1/2009 c13 3AJS
Cute story. I think there were some kinda rough parts, like the end, that you just kind of skipped over and could have been explained more clearly and thoroughly though. I liked the songs, but sometimes the lyrics got a little redundant too. Maybe you could have focused more on Haley's emotions as well, especially towards the end, like how she felt when Chris confessed to her and why she backed away and everything. Car-Michel's character was little confusing too, because whenever he talked to Chris, he was an asshole but then whenever he talked to Haley, he was really sweet.

I don't know. I knew Kat was no good when she first came into the picture. The ending seemed a little rush. All in all though, this story was cute.

- Alyssa
12/25/2007 c3 3Kistyra
I say yay! it is to good to be true, if you ask me.
11/13/2007 c13 4anitsirK
Nice, entertaining, quick read! :D
10/8/2007 c13 5Lizzy-Lou
Well, besides a few places where the word choice could have been better, I really enjoyed this story. Haylee and Chris had realistic interactions and it was a cute ending. Well done!
10/8/2007 c3 Lizzy-Lou
Haha. "I wasn't touching myself." Priceless.
10/8/2007 c1 Lizzy-Lou
This is cute so far! Your character interactions are excellent! I'm off to read the rest!
7/30/2007 c13 6MelGrl
Aww, such a cute story, but it kinda went through fast. It still good though.
4/21/2007 c13 Obsession of Darkness
Wow, that is so sweet! I don't want it to be finish! I'm gonna cry...WAH!

Lolz. Anyway, he story is amazing! Well done!

4/20/2007 c1 Obsession of Darkness
Great story! Love it! ^_^
2/25/2007 c13 3Tariqa Bass
2/25/2007 c1 Tariqa Bass
i have always wanted to write a story like that and its great!
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