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3/20/2005 c1 281Devil6667
wow.. this was... i'm adding it to my favorite stories list definitely this was so... just wow
3/9/2005 c1 Miss Piggy
Hey Deavon! This poem is very impressive, from the vocab to the content. I especially liked how you added a tinge of realty in the last stanza with: "I can't change what has already been done". It is very dramatic, it could easily be the last line of a Tom Hanks or Nicolas Cage movie etc. Loss of a friend is such a gigantic issue in anyone's life, but especially in the lives of people our age because for the most part, we depend on friendship rather than often rough and tension-filled family relationships. The blood stanza was also very powerful and obviously anything with suicide is dramatic too. But I wish that you wouldn't feel that way because I value your life and I'm sure that others do to and besides, rock on!-MIT :)
3/9/2005 c1 270dustytiger
great peice, i very much relate, wow, it's to know other people feel the same, great work, thank you for sharing

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