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4/4/2005 c1 11arachibutyrophobia
lol very cute, i read ur profile, cracked up at the crayon, and just had to read one of ur pieces. love he idea, short and sweet. dunno what grade, but it ought to be pretty good.

3/25/2005 c1 Roslyn
Hi Xin!I LIKED your story. Your stories are cool in my opinion coz they're written just as you would say them or think them, like a cross between a story and a diary. there's somewhere where it says the word 'being' instead of 'bring' i think... neway the story is clever and unique, so i like it. nwayz... let's predict a mark... um... how about 8 1/2 out of 10... the only reason is that teachers like giving things and a half. I hope I can earn 1 WHOLE DOLLAR for the yr 10 formal committee!
3/14/2005 c1 CZC
I happen to be personally acquainted with this "student teacher" and i predict that she 's one of those kinds of twenty somehting almost no life or granny type life (i mean, she wore a medaeval dress to skool?) who would LOVE this kind of story. Either you blow her away with your story's modernism or Billing sees it and pukes or im completely wrong and she's not one of "those" teachers and would rather a traditional gothic fiction...there's no middle - it's like playing "hu wants to be a millionaire" and choosing between one thousand or one million dollars - being determined by one intellect question . your destiny has already been decided by submitting in the story...we'll see the outcome...right after the break...
3/14/2005 c1 Li
i reckon u should get 9.5 but since ur teacher is the weird medieval lady probably 7.5 i have no idea how its gothic but the story is pretty funi!
3/14/2005 c1 6vague-perception
Wow, that was definitely original. I don't know what elements of a gothic story would be, but I personally like the story. Who would have thought that one could write about a cakejumper?I don't know who's marking this, but if they had a sense of humour and saw the style they would give this a 9 or 10. Just to be on the safe sife, I'll predict an...8.
3/13/2005 c1 your best friend
weird... i think 7-8ish /10.
3/13/2005 c1 donny
i luv the story

cant the evil dude...be at lesat...eviller...cmon...evil rox all

erm...wat else...ah heck...its a review

be happi
3/12/2005 c1 Jenz
ok... prety cool stori i hav 2 sai... not my idea of gothic tho... more of a ... wel... more of somthin that is not gothic basicalli.. but good all the same... my guess is that you got 7.5 ... lolz... like to see your teachers' reaction to this "gothic" story .. lolz... c ya laterz xinnyluv, jens
3/12/2005 c1 jemraja
hallo ^-^ yes i read it in class hehe i think it is, yes a beautiful fictionpress story and v funny :)lol the teacher did say as long as you had the three main components it qualified as a gothic story so meh - good enough ^-^ i predict 9 coz billing is a cool marker and i *think* she likes humour and hopefully your style ::nods::
3/11/2005 c1 cyn
bah aha... lolz 38719385719 out of 10 ^^ lolz.. farni take on gothic novel -
3/11/2005 c1 Emily
Personally...I think it's a great story. It's original, short and fast...I love the language, the pace and the style...but that student teacher, with the purple dress-Let's just say I don't know what she would think about it. So, if I were marking it, a 10...if she was...9? Just so that when she says "can those people who got 10 read their stories out"...yours won't be included? I love it XIN
3/11/2005 c1 L2SkT
i rkn thiz is a gr8 story for fictionpress buh for eng assignmnt.. nt xactly a piece wich the teacha would get xcitd ova ..the plot dint realli hav da chance to get developd buh dat dun mean u cnt continue writin thiz storii ^^ im sure itz a great fictionpress material im predictin..6/10 dun kill me for thiz..itz juz dat i had mayerz last yr n she wuz a reallii reallii hard marka n it kinda rubbd off on me
3/10/2005 c1 Spirit Mornea
I guess full marks! I've seen stranger things happen... It was hilarious:-)
3/10/2005 c1 Annette
hm... I'd say about 8 out of ten. Like Sunshine X said, for adult content. Unless of course you have a cool teacher. Then probably a nine.
3/10/2005 c1 25Anne Ominous
X predicts an 8.5, with a point taken off for adult content, but not much else. Personally, I liked it. Vaguely Janet Evonovich. :)
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