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for Courage

11/13/2009 c1 Sangre Del Lobo
Wow you can really feel the pride of Miller and his men as well as that of the woman. The elves seem sympathetic but determined to do whatever it is they were planning to do, but the view of the equally proud woman made the commander retreat.

A great fic, simple but not my any means mediocer. Great job.
8/3/2006 c1 mangacat
It was really good man keep at it.
7/25/2006 c1 Amelia Wolfe
i was really touched by this story. the title "courage" fits it perfectly.
7/19/2006 c1 61Kristina Suko
Cool story! hehe- I'll send you a fully edited report soon! No... it's actually a lot better gramatically than the others of your stories. Bravo! =D
4/15/2006 c1 4skylines
Stunning- this could evolve into a longer story i think with all the characters ad the plot that developed. Great work.
4/15/2006 c1 Character Annika
This is wonderful. I loved the ending and you definately have a gift with dialogue!
3/7/2006 c1 7LanceJack
Its very good, well written for a last stand style piece, it has everything a story as short as this should, i was never left wondering about what was going on, and i was under no illusions of how the men sold their lives, spot on!
11/16/2005 c1 5Ookami no Yuki
Simply told and easy to understand, ahah, it's a good story.
6/2/2005 c1 1Hemic
Wow, that was truly touching. Written eloquently with a wonderfully devised plot, I must say it's one of the better I've priveleged a read on FP. Were I in any sadder state, it surely would have drawn a tear ;P I'll try and post on my story on Friday, and I look forward to reading your 60-plus as well, haha. Keep it up.

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