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5/20/2005 c8 20Band Creep
wait..what? was that the Duke's dream? hmm...that kinda made no sense, maybe i just wasn't reading close enough.. hee hee, i'm in the library right now. *waves to your back* ^^
4/15/2005 c7 Band Creep
WHOA! Wait! What's goin on? There's ANOTHER Daniel? What the heck? But anyway, I think this is one of your better chapters, writing style-wise. Your writing has gotten better, I guess it's because of Coogan's. Oh and side note: any Polish person with a hint of nationalist pride would be offended by the name the Pole, especially if the man is of Polish descent. ^^
4/1/2005 c6 Band Creep
LAME-O .. I mean come on, Maternowski? Sheesh! Underground war? HAHAHAHAHAHHA! *cough* i mean, um, very nice, can't wait for the next chapter. Heehee. Cya at school on, uhh yah that one day...school starts Monday right? yeah, ok. ^.^
4/1/2005 c5 Band Creep
aw dang it! that dad's still alive! darn... hehe- JK!
4/1/2005 c4 Band Creep
Lol...sorry, maybe I shouldn't be laughing at the story but I can't help it! HAahhahahahahaha! *cough* anyway, me like Blanco...gots to read the other chappies you added ^_~
3/15/2005 c3 Band Creep
Yeah, may I state the obvious- you are so weird. And why is my younger brother's name Daniel? Of all the names? Shesh...

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