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8/3/2005 c1 9Alteng
Well, I like the Charlie Brown image. Is the teacher as unintelligible?

I will try to read some of your prose where I can actually make a more proitable comment.
4/10/2005 c1 87youzi
Interesting..and very very true..haha...strange things we feel and do when we get crushes.. nice work. keep writing =D
3/12/2005 c1 7Mugi
This is cute, but I have one thing to say."Every molecule of me"

This is inaccurate. People are not composed of molecules. We are composed of cells. Other than that, good job.
3/12/2005 c1 13Waste of Space
I really like this. Mostly because it is exactly how everybody has felt at some point in their life.

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