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for If You Kill Me Slowly

4/14/2009 c11 We Used To Wait
AWESOME. and 200th post?
2/15/2009 c12 We Used To Wait
That was the sweetest chapter of all. I loved the last few paragraphs. This story was short and sweet, and you wrote it so well. I wonder how you even came up with the ideas of the details with the whole reincarnation thing. Thanks you so much for the story. And now I should start on my homework.
2/15/2009 c10 We Used To Wait
I cried in this chapter. Don't know why. It was so good, so many emotions, it made me dizzy, and confused. I loved it though, and how you didn't sugarcoat anything.

I think the first chapter was my favourite. Don't know why either.
11/14/2008 c12 Lovedward48
WTF? O.o

You gotta be kidding me!

A dog? May was a dog?

This stories is way too far-tetched! I mean it'd been fine and acceptable if Erin'd been May but this? Two girls into reincarnation? Both their guys have the same name and they're all actually reincarnated in the same f*cking town? Somehow that's just not satisfying! There's got to be more to it! Cameron should have killed himself instead of calling Ally so Jesse and May would meet again in the next life as humans. It would have given off this amazing feeling of infinity that you managed to creat with the ending of the contract 1

The story in itself was excellent as always though! I enjoyed it! Your stories are always so refreshingly full of psychos! Haha, I love them all!
8/1/2008 c9 dramaqueen89
Oh my god..
8/1/2008 c5 dramaqueen89
Oh my god.

3/2/2008 c12 No Name 7429035
This was very good and very confusing. So did Jesse love May? I still don't know. . . so she was waiting for him to find her as a dog? Okay, I did like this! You get a gold star! XD

2/15/2008 c12 pop-yur-fcukn-collar
I know it's been 3 years since this was first published but it deserves to be reviewed. It's such an interesting plotline, something you would never expect. I loved it :D
12/21/2007 c12 satoshii

Simply beautiful.

Such a perspective on the process of life and death that I'm simply speechless.

Excellent work.
11/18/2007 c12 1Distant Dreams
It's beautiful.

If you don't mind answering I have a question for you.

He says he killed may because he hated her, then why does he miss her, at the end? It's strange.
8/11/2007 c12 atreyu love
oh wow. so may was the dog? unexpected.

it was a good story though, but an alternate

ending would also have been cool :) lol

but otherwise, i love your writing.

they dont seem to have happy endings, but not

all things end happy.
8/11/2007 c9 atreyu love
OMG. i kinda love jesse.
8/11/2007 c1 atreyu love
whoa. interesting concept, reincarnation.

the story has an interesting plot.

cant wait to read the rest.
7/21/2007 c1 hola
hmm, never noticed before, but i actually know a cameron hill. slightly creepy seeing as he's all angry now days. but yeah. weird.
7/17/2007 c12 personwithaccount
the ending got me. i didn't even realize the whole age difference and i would have never gotten in a million years that May was the dog.
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