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for The series of bad paragraphs

5/4/2005 c4 30Drizit
lol over all i enjoyed readin this series. Good work!
5/4/2005 c3 Drizit
You know, i envy your school... If i were to do something like this in my school, teachers would say i'm an idiot and brush me off.
5/4/2005 c1 Drizit
lol I like the ending to this one.
4/4/2005 c2 86welchs828
Cool! Cats are cute, but wild cats are awesomely beautiful and intense creatures! Coolness. So much detail...I'd be surprised (yet again) if you got any less than an A+ (which you got on this paragraph, too)!

Keep it up.


-Paige :)
4/4/2005 c1 welchs828
"I am not responsible for any injuries inflicted by your workers." That's greeat! So funny, and I'd be surprised if you DIDN'T get an A+ on this one...which you did.


-Paige :)
3/14/2005 c1 84peaceman4ever
creative...me like it very much..:-)

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