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8/6/2006 c8 1I'm Ashley
great story! i love it! UPDATE QUiCKLY!
8/4/2006 c8 6EleanorDear
I completely fell in love with this story. It made me laugh, "aw" like a giddy schoolgirl, and want to cry. It actually reminds me of an experience i went through and am going through. I feel like this story is not only amazing, but that i can truly connect to it. I am eagerly awaiting a new chapter!
8/4/2006 c8 6Justice Bana
So I found your story on the Muse awards because...coincidentally, your story is up against mine. But I have to admit, your story is really really good. I love it. I hope you can update soon, but if you are anything like me, it has been so hard to update recently. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I love your story and I think it deserves more reviews.Justice Bana
8/3/2006 c8 steph
its weird... this story is well-written but, it's really annoying. I guess I just don't like any of the characters at all so it makes it suck (for me). They are all whiny bitches... don't they have any redeeming qualities? are they ever happy? oh well to each their own, and congrats on grammar and spelling.
8/2/2006 c8 8nostalgicEXPLOSION
I just finished reading your story. I love all the flashbacks and how you put them into your story. I don't think I can ever do that with flashbacks. Anyway, great story.

And as they always say:

Update soon.

8/1/2006 c8 suicide-girl
aw...you really need to update this.
7/26/2006 c8 10Vampyresse
Hey! Good job so far! The back and forth can be a bittle confusing, but then again it adds to the reader feeling like Halley does. I loved the twist in this chapter, I for one never saw it coming! Hope you update soon :D
7/23/2006 c8 buddhabelly
o update soon! i'm in love with this story AND GAVIN! i check every day to see if you update so get a move on please ^_^
7/22/2006 c8 2codyismypup
Wow, I didn't know you updated! God, all this waiting for them to *finally* get together (hopefully) is so agonizing! Update, update, update!

7/21/2006 c1 Ms.Romantic
do you have writers block? cause i am enjoying this so much and i simply CANT WAit nomore/xoxo
7/21/2006 c8 Zora
love it..cant wait for the nxt chapter
7/18/2006 c8 bitterSw33eT
wonderful story

great plot

but will halley end up with gavin?or will it be one of those bittersweet stories? does alex know bout the abortion?
7/16/2006 c8 your harbor
This chapter compares greatly to the others as well. That's really all I have to say without repeating myself. =)
7/16/2006 c7 your harbor
Wow. That was definitely a shorter, but good chapter. It mentioned everyone nearly perfectly, I guess you could say. =]
7/16/2006 c6 your harbor
I think I like the flashbacks better than the present time. The reason why is temporary unknown though. Nice job. =]
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