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6/9/2006 c8 1girl-with-the-balloon
G'dah! This is...I mean. Gah!

I can't even.

I just spent the last three hours reading this and I was so accustomed to clicking the next button and then there was none!

This story is fabulous. I read the prolouge the other day and then I started reading more today and I went with my friends to the mall and kept blathering on about how amazing it was and how I was in love with Gavin and my friend thinks I ought to check into therapy or something. heh.

Anyway, I would appreciate greatly a new chapter and soon (even though it's only been a few days since you updated).

Well...that's all I guess. I really do adore this story though. And I hope you churn out another chapter lickity split, dear. Please and thank you!
6/8/2006 c1 girl-with-the-balloon
G'dah! *clutches heart* this is possibly, the most excited I've ever been while reading a story! I would take the time to write loads and loads like I usually do in reviews...but I really want to read more...now!

Brilliant. *claps for you*
6/7/2006 c8 minute-glass
i'm so happy you updated =] i wonder how Alex will react to all this drama...
6/7/2006 c8 17Lady of romance world88
So Halley abort her child? Is it Gavin's baby? So she engage to Alex? Not Gavin? What happen between her and Gavin? Why they broke up in few year ago? Hurry update soon.
6/7/2006 c8 Swan Queen
Whoa. Halley really came off as bitchy in this chapter but that's what makes her character so real because everyone makes mistakes and everyone has flaws. From the other chapters you can really tell that she loves him. Just to let you know (and I'm not sure if this is completely irrelevant or not) but I'm againt abortion. So, yeah...that was a big shocker when Halley said that she had been pregnant awhile back. I still love the story!
6/7/2006 c8 Em Crosthwaite
That last line was almost a jab towards Gavin again, like she doesn't love him anymore because she hurt him. Yeah, um I don't know. How long was Gavin in rehab? Was it for drugs, drinking or both?
6/7/2006 c8 The Most Comfortable Place
this reminds me of so many arguments I have had with so many people. it's so sad and so real and I love it! I feel like such a hypocrite telling you to review soon, because people always tell me that and I never do, but I really wish you would, because this story is legitamatley amazing.
6/7/2006 c8 grrrL
nice! that was a shocker, but it makes for very interesting repercussions slash DRAMA. lol. i'm happy you updated but it leaves me wanting more, so that's a dead end right there. i love halley and gavin. they're so flawed yet so RIGHT together. i'd love to read more flashbacks (i.e. how they got together) hope you write more soon! :)
6/7/2006 c8 RedBerries
Its just occured to me (yeah, I'm slow), that Alex isn't that different to Gavin. I mean, not in personality, but the way he's never there. She complains about the way the band were touring all the time, but never about Alex working all the time. Maybe she doesn't mind it coz she doesn't love him as much? Or maybe she loves him more, and is willing to sacrifice? Either way, they're certainly not on the same scale.
6/7/2006 c8 skywriter-x
awesomeness. update =)
6/7/2006 c8 P
NICE CHAPPIE.Update soon?
6/6/2006 c8 pangur
good chapter,wish it was longer. bah, cliff hanger :l dont leave it hanging for 2 months this time :)
6/6/2006 c8 1a Leader by Default
Oh MY Lord, you updated.What can I say? This is the only story I'm still curious about. This STICKS. This Resonates. THIS IS BRILLIANT.

And the chapter, well, it was too.Keep those babies coming.
6/6/2006 c8 LethargicLove
Woah, intense! I would have never guessed that an abortion was what caused them to break up. I've been waiting for this chapter for a long time, and I'm happy to say that it was better than what I had imagined. It seems to me like Alex is a pretty...shallow character. Like, we don't really know much about his likes, dislikes, fears, ect. Was this intentional? I mean..were you trying to show that Halley doesn't really love him and that the only reason they're engaged is because she's willing to settle for a marriage of "convinience" so to speak?
5/29/2006 c7 NV12
i really like this story.it really is an original piece.I like the flashback thingys(dont know what you would call them) and i think they give us a little bit insight to the characters.I would like more of gavins POV.Oh and is this a real romance where they end up together?
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