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3/21/2006 c6 5alineofprose
Gods, this is absolutely gorgeous.

I'd like to leave a longer review, but I have to type up an assignment and revise for a test in the next half an hour. So, next time you update, expect a gigantic review from me.

Brilliant prose, brilliant plot. It whispers unsaid secrets. Keep writing.

3/11/2006 c6 8Bottled
This is an amazing story! I can't believe you only got 55 reviews? It's inplausible. I love it. Please don't give up on this story and update ASAP.
3/4/2006 c6 Mi
Great story! I hope you continue, I definitly can't wait to see what happens next. Update soon!
2/27/2006 c6 8aurora borealis
This story is really good. I was pleasently surprised. The mood is rather sad, but touching. The characters are really good. I can't wait to read more.
2/25/2006 c6 26invisible.writer
I don't mean to press you in any way, but I've been needing to read a good story, not the mediocre 'I'm reading this because it's only a bit better than the others' kind of stories, if you know what I mean. So, I was hoping that perhaps you were halfway through a new chapter and could possibly push away all blockage? You're doing a wonderful job by the way. No pressure or anything ;)
2/25/2006 c6 13Faded Soulfire
Please don't stop writing this. I really like this story. I hope you might consider updating? I got this far, and I think it's amazing. Well, I do look forward to when or if you update next.

Faded Soulfire
2/23/2006 c6 rader
great story.i like it a lot.

update soon, please?
1/3/2006 c6 anon
PLEASE update SOON! :D
1/2/2006 c6 mo
love the story, very different, and i love the way you have done past and present. update soon!
12/29/2005 c6 4somethingsup
Hey! It's me, Scorpio1987 from LJ? ^^

I really like Gavin, even though he seems very pissed off at the end of this chapter-within reason, of course. How is he planning on getting back at her? I can't wait to find out!
12/25/2005 c6 1a Leader by Default

I have never been as pleasantly surprised by a story than I have by ths one.

You write extremely well and there is a level of maturity within your writing that is rare here on fictionpress.

I really hope you don't give up on this story, even if you don't get a lot of reviews ( I think once you hit the higher word count #s, you will). Your quality of writing and your style (it's not chaotic, simply intriguing and intricate) make this (already) one of the best stories on this site.

I applaud you and deeply pray that you will continue with this.

Your characters have too much left to say or do for you to forget about this.

Once again, wonderful job.

I could truly see this as a novel.

Reminds me of Sarah Dessen in a way.
12/25/2005 c4 a Leader by Default

absolutely lovely.
12/24/2005 c6 7lilxseeker
o0o0o update soon!
12/22/2005 c6 Ms.Romantic
i like gavin..i really do..your story is just kinda confusing but i loove it nonetheless
12/16/2005 c6 grrrL
gavin is the most charming jerk ever. lol, garrett sounds nice but i'm so waiting for gavin and halley to hook up. have i ever mentioned how i love the name of your story? suddenly slowly... it sounds nice. but i'm thinking however way gavin and halley hooked up, there wasn't like a huge betrayal scene for garrett right? it would be too sad as his last gf cheated on him too. anyway i'm glad to be reading this and as always i'm looking forward to an update ;)
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