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for Suddenly Slowly

1/15/2008 c9 Keraven
This was the second story I fell in love with last year when I first discovered fictionpress. Just as nice the second time around. I hope inspiration strikes eventually. Good luck!
1/14/2008 c9 slowlydancingtothestars
please finish! I REALLY want to read another chapter. Try again I"m waiting!
12/8/2007 c9 7gulistala
Woah Alex just walked in through the door? Now everything is starting to add up! They broke up with Gavin because she had an abortion and it was a long distance relationship? Who else knows about the abortion? Wow, these two have a very deep past hey? I like this fic, there's kind of two stories going at once. The present, and the past as memories. I like that.

Keep up the good work and I hope your writer's block will keel over and die!


P.S. I also like the fact that you have such humanly realistic things going on in here, it's kind of a cliche except it's realistic and pulled off nicely. Keep going. =D
10/31/2007 c9 xjennnny
10/4/2007 c9 fatso17
*frowns* i get art blocks and that really stinks, especially when i have a major art project due. i usually go browse around on line, looking at photos, other ppl's art, listen to music (i do this practically 24/7 anyway, but i'm still counting it). if that doesn't help then i like going for walks in the city or other places, watch TV or read stories. if i don't have time to do that and i'm still in a slump then i squiggle all over a piece of paper and draw what i see in the mass of lines... or i imitate/redraw something that's caught my eye recently (like a branch, basket ballers, or even a really cute top..). to avoid any scenarios where this won't help either, i often scrawl thoughts or ideas down on pieces of paper, so i can come back to them for inspiration later. *nods* i hope that blabbering can help you get into the flow of writing the next chapter for thi great story! don't abandon us readers! or we'll stab you with a trident when you're peacefully sleeping. *cackles evilly*
9/24/2007 c9 1frkshlycheerful
i hope you get over your writers block son!
9/21/2007 c9 vocecara
ah! NO! update! okay sorry:)

pretty nice story, i like the way you switch over to the past so smoothly. gavin's a jerk, though. he did that on purpose didn't he? and alex, being a doctor, probably isn't too supportive of abortions...

update soon! :D
9/17/2007 c9 Laura
I really LOVE this story and I hope you continue it.
9/16/2007 c9 7thepiemaster
wow, this story is so amazing. I really felt the emotion in it.
8/29/2007 c9 8jane speaks
I really like this story, I hope you find your inspiration!
8/13/2007 c9 1honey splattered brains
7/13/2007 c1 atreyu love
interesting ;]

i think ive read this chapter before.

im coming back to read ;] haha
7/7/2007 c9 deep deep forest
okay.. I'll still wait until you post up a new chapter.. Just wanna say that Suddenly Slowly is really a good story.. now I'll just go and check your profile for something new, just like you said.. see ya.. ;)
7/2/2007 c9 flojo22811
please try and find it in you to start writing this again. it would be such a shame to leave a story that you've written so well and spent so much time on.
7/2/2007 c9 sugarpunk
I really hope that something inspires you because this is a really good story and needs to be continued! Really, you are a great writer!
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