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12/16/2006 c8 deep deep forest
12/15/2006 c5 ess3sandra
this is so sad, a mix with all that is romantic, and trubbeled etc. its a love to read it and you know it is bad now, but you go on because it has to get better, i really hope so! hint hint
12/15/2006 c4 ess3sandra
this was just utterly romantic, and i loved it, yes i really like romance, and real life stories, or that its not so, famous star meets blah blah, but this is from the beginning and it is really wonderful. good work this story ! i put you on my authour alert =)
12/15/2006 c3 ess3sandra
next best thing, i would say the best thing. yees. well, i mean, this is relly enjoying me, i mean reading this. great.
12/15/2006 c2 ess3sandra
well, i think she should go for the first guy, not the nice one. this story has great potential, good also with the present and past thingy. thingy sounds fuun. ok, stop talking now =P.
12/15/2006 c1 ess3sandra
well i got to give it to you, i am hooked. this strory is really great and while i was reading it i fellt ah, great. you have done a great job with the beginning and this story will go straigt to my favourite list of stories. nice nice nice. well, i need to read more now =) until next review!
12/10/2006 c8 2BetterbyDesign
Seriously? Reading your story is like a big breath of fresh air. It's been so hard finding well-written stories, and yours definitely caught my attention. I love it; everything about it. Haha, even the fact that you don't make Gavin and Halley seem like simpering little kids holding a grudge. Please update soon.

P.S. I read this in the middle of my FINALS week...that says a lot. :)
11/29/2006 c8 OoohLookACat
wow. talk about emotional.

love it though, so keep up the good work.
11/28/2006 c8 Lena Niccolas
wow. this story is awesome. I'm sad to hear your updates are very rare. Halley and gavin's relationship is incredibly frustrating. I just want them to get togethor and be over with it. The baby thing, I have this sort of respect for Gavin for wanting to keep the baby. Not the smartest move, but atleast you could definetely tell that he loved Hal a lot. Otherwise he would've opted for abortion no doubt. I agree that both weren't ready to have the baby too, it's just that Halley seemed to be kind of mean to Gavin. Like she broke up with him! I thought maybe they could both stand to be a little more understanding.
11/25/2006 c8 samantha
please try and update this soon!
11/17/2006 c8 E. M. Isle
hey, this story reminds me of the quote: the most painful way to miss someone is sitting next to each other and knowing that that person will never love you again. please update soon. coz this story is fucking awesome.
11/12/2006 c8 FuzzyPurpleWatermelons
Well, well, well another plot twist. Spices it up don't cha think? Ha, this story is filled with so much angst it reminds me of that From First to Last song titled "Dear Diary, my teen angst now has a body count" but in the good way! Anyways, love the story and I can't wait for you to update :]
10/27/2006 c8 rubygirl181
Awesome story, I neary cried when I realized that there wasn't another chapter, I'm hooked! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
10/24/2006 c8 Paloooka

I really love this story I think it's fantastic. Any chance of more regular updates? I'm desperate to see where this goes.

9/21/2006 c2 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
oi love dis story
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