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9/16/2006 c8 tracy
it's been over three months. update, damn you! please?
9/8/2006 c8 13Vampgurl99

I really like this story, how you go from present to past and back to tell the story. Gives it a ton of depth without revealing too much of the important surprises. Like, how we learn that Halley was pregnant four years a go, we're just learning about it in chapter eight instead of chapter one. Plus how the plot could have revolved around the pregnancy but there's other topics to write about.

I really want to have a chapter in Gavin's pov but I know that it adds to the mystery if his imput isn't written. Plus, it makes it a tad bit easier to hate him yet want him to make everything up to Halley.

Interesting how Halley can interact better with her past boyfriend Rett better than Gavin when he never said happy birthday to her and such.

There's a couple of inconsistances that don't make sense in Halley. Like her picking up smoking after she loses contact with Gavin after she hated him for smoking. Is she doing it cause it reminds her of Gavin or is it some other reason? Also, could we get a little more information about Halley's life like her job and such?

I also like the fact that in the past memories you mix it up with cute little ones where she meets the boys and really heart wrenching ones like in the previous chapter about her birthday.

By the end of book I hope to know more about how she broke up with Rett and was able to bring some closure to it all. Also, how she became pregnant, cause it seems like she really hated Gavin in previous chapters of her past. Also, it seems like her two friends have very different opinions on the matter, hopefully Halley will be able to make her own dicision.

Lastly, about Alex, whether he knows about her past or not. Cause if he doesn't then Gavin will most likely stir up lots of trouble. I don't think that there's much else to say other than I hope you will update soon. I would have e-mailed you about whether or not you would update, cause I find that e-mailing the author directly, he/she will find it easier and will more than likely respond back to it but you don't have your e-mail address in your profile so...yeah, update soon or at least put up a note telling the reader about what is going on with the story ie whether you're going to continue or what.


9/7/2006 c8 8kate.munro
Hey I've really enjoyed reading this so far, I hope you can continue soon.
9/5/2006 c8 8Queen Beryl
I just happened upon this story, but I must say, I LOVE IT FULLY! I hope you update soon, I can't wait to read more!
9/4/2006 c8 norma
why aren't you updating? :-( love the story.. seeing a few grammatical and spelling errors, but other than that love the story..hope you continue soon
9/2/2006 c8 outsomniac
very powerful story :]
8/30/2006 c8 4That Girl You Love
*sigh* I love this story. You're a fantastic writer, and that seems so rare on Fictionpress anymore. Brava.
8/27/2006 c8 lildestinyangel
halley was pregnant with gavin's baby...woww, totally didn't see that happening! Good plot =) I'm looking forward to your next chapter, I really want to know what happens with Alex walking in =p
8/24/2006 c8 8brittle.star
Oh.My.Fucking.God. This is amazzazing! PLEASE UPDATE SON, i love the sound of gavin *sighs dreamily* lol
8/21/2006 c8 10cherrypiesizzle
What the fuck? Gavin is a jerk I would never go out with someone like him, and I think Haley's pretty messed up too. I mean, there's flaws, and then there's just screwed up. I can accept flaws, everyone has them, but these two are so broken and I just don't see them ever having a relationship again. And you're already at chapter eight when honestly this is only the beginning of the story, because nothing has really gone anywhere. It's just outlined the issues so far. Hm, anyway I hope Gavin won't be such a jerk to even ruin Haley's relationship with Alex (like saying stuff about her when he's walked through the door), because if he did and if I were Haley I wouldn't speak to him again.

Anyway, I'm REALLY curious to what's going to happen...please update soon?
8/19/2006 c8 Iamthebomb
i was abit confused at the time settings but its an awesome story! halley is really kool and uve devloped her character really well! update soon!
8/18/2006 c8 Ms.Romantic
8/17/2006 c8 you're so postmodern
Wuhow. That's what I have to say about this story. I love it so far. You've created such a tense mood. I like books with bands and this stuff. I like Gavin too and Halley. I cant wait to read more. TTYL

8/16/2006 c8 2katieee
Ohmygosh!This is an amazing story!I love it!I almost cried in chapter seven when Garret forgot to wish Halley a happy birthday.And Gavin remembered.It was sad.I love this story!Cant wait to see what happens next!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
8/9/2006 c8 MonkeyMohawk1
gah!...don't stop writing!...update!..
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