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for Actress in the Mirror

7/20/2005 c1 FrozenKiwi
Eek! I like the "Shotgun in hand/machete in fist" bit best. Good job.
7/8/2005 c1 Shima And Tempis
It's dark, but making it rhyme makes it more of dark humor. I like it though. Well written.-SAT
6/29/2005 c1 10thunderr lips
that is awesome.. yeah.. wow. i dont even know what to say. awesome job
6/22/2005 c1 79miss lavender
I liked the repeated "End End End", at the.. well.. end! (Ha, what a funny girl I am *dies*), but, it was a very-well-written piece. I take it about suicide, yet, interpert it as you will! Nonetheless, it was very good.

5/17/2005 c1 270dustytiger
great peice, i really like it a lot, keep up the good work thank you for sharing and thank you for the review
5/4/2005 c1 41Stifled Scar
That was awsome..I wish it was longer though.
3/21/2005 c1 roselilie
Nice poem. I love the morbidness its made with. Great poem. Keep it up!
3/16/2005 c1 10AnorD
maybe overkill could be a simple word.. but maybe some would say this was a more "forgiving" way to go...

Well done, truly

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