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for Shattered Mirror, Shattered Heart

7/28/2005 c1 34poet tree
Whoa...I love it. It's disturbingly emotionless, but in a good way. Like you're an impartial observer watching her die. It adds a tone of creepiness to the work.
7/15/2005 c1 31blue-eyes91
whoa that was really good *adds to list of faves* this piece was very well written adn yes i did enjoy it
5/30/2005 c1 2aflyingmachine
I loved the ending, a single note a single tear a single memento the end is now here. Takes my breath away ^^
5/22/2005 c1 41Pelirizado
Hauntingly similar to the feelings of a dear friend of mine. Your writings are very passionate even when they are dark. You write what you feel, and most of the time that turns out the best work.
5/7/2005 c1 Racheleeney
Very powerful and sad...

Nice work.

BTW I'm a girl, not a guy. :D
5/4/2005 c1 10Berzerk108
Wow. I'm speech less (I can still type though :) ). I wish the best for you.~Berzerk108
5/3/2005 c1 41Stifled Scar
you did a great job, I can so relate to that poem!
5/2/2005 c1 147hiding behind amber eyes
wow, this is definately going on my favorites list! i usually don't like ryme poems, but this one...i dont know it has something. awesome poem, keep writing!

ps-thanx 4 the review would u plz read more of my stuff and let me know wut u think. ill post more soon hopefully!
4/11/2005 c1 20SilveredScales
oh *Silver tears stream down my cheeks*!thats so pretty. so sad, though, i'll use my favourite word; haunting. nice way to rhyme; some people use rhyme and it doesn't work, not so for you! no, seriously, this is really good. sad though. nice. poetic. i like
4/9/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
Wow, i must say i'm impressed! the rhyming work splendidly~~ and the flow was great! Awesome job~

keep writing!
4/9/2005 c1 15bread-thief
simply fantasitc. it is truly beyond words.
4/9/2005 c1 16Elven-eyed mortal
Wow... Wow... (mouth hangs open stupidly) Wow... That was-powerful.
4/7/2005 c1 11Trenton K. Fox
So sad! I'm very impressed by this piece. I love the 5th stanza (All his sweet words...his mind's spinning clutches). I like the imagery you use to depict her emotions/motives, as well as the guy's. Good work! You are now officially one of my favorite authors!~Trenton K. Fox.
4/4/2005 c1 12Genai the monster
wow I like this!a lot.it's short and has a nice rythm (i have no idea to write that word. anyway)

Thanks a lot for reviewing my poem :) I didn't think I'd get reviewed so fast!
3/20/2005 c1 12Shadow Link
Wow, powerful stuff in this one. You conveyed a very real and strong emotion in this poem, one I'm all too familiar with. However, even with the sad story, a well-put forth and powerful poem.

-Shadow Link
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