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11/9/2011 c1 85KeepMovingForward
That was so good!

I read the other reivews and I don't believe we are going backwards because (even though this wasn't written then) we just elected our first African-American president, which is a huge step in beating racism. I just wanted to point that out...

Again, great job! It's very thought provoking.
3/17/2005 c1 6Toni Berthelette
hhmm...I'm American and I LOVE other cultures...not all Americans are like that and there are rascists EVERYWHERE, not just America. But for all of you rascists out there-you suck! :P

3/16/2005 c1 270dustytiger
very well expressed, and it sounds terrible, we should embrace our differences, really we should, so much cynism and rasism and we seem to be going backward instead of forward in the race to fight it, you expressed such a powerful point with this, great work, thank you for sharing

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