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9/23/2006 c2 15Kace08
i love this story too. Hope you update soon!
7/9/2006 c2 the-galaxy
OMG! You haven't updated in over a year! You need to update this quickly before I go insane with curiousity! GAH! Please? For your precious reviewers? Please update!
4/7/2006 c2 asianraine
update already! i mean my gosh did you abandon this story already! just when its getting interesting? UPDATE! its ben what, nearly a whole year now? UPDATE the STORY!
4/2/2006 c2 Winter Spring Romance
update? Please?
1/14/2006 c2 MySoul-87
I liked this story... hope you update soon...=)
1/8/2006 c2 Alenor
ooh this is a good story, can't wait for some more ~ Alenor.
12/28/2005 c2 angelofdeath
Whoa! i haven't read your other stories yet, but i've read this one and it's totally awesome! i want to know what happens in the end, so could you PLEASE update? it's been what..about over 3 and a half months now? come on! what ever happened to our christmas present? lol umm...lets make a new years resolution to finish our stories! okay? okay! XD UPDATE PLEASE! =P
12/15/2005 c2 MONkeyIsCAlling
wow! i read your other story, MY HAPPY ENDING, and i was interested in your other stories too...so, yeah, i started to read this...

i really like it! i hope you update again soon...

hope your muse comes back =)
11/15/2005 c2 Syra
Ah! please update soon!
11/12/2005 c2 hopelesslydevoted
i love ur story adn i seriously hope u update it.
11/4/2005 c2 Magda
Please update, i love it! :D
11/3/2005 c2 TwoPlusThree
Wow. This story is really good so far :P I kinda hope that you're planning to make it more than a short story . . .

I'll be waiting for the next update!
10/25/2005 c2 2BetterbyDesign
Cute story. I really do hope that it doesn't take you long to update this story, but I know how life has a nasty penchant for creeping up on you; it happens to me all of the time. I hope the next chapter is just as amusing and realistic as the two previous chapters.
9/26/2005 c2 2Lily-007
I did wait and look what i got ? a new chappy wow lol :dIt was interesting, iwasnt expecting the yacht thing...Kind of exotic, i always wanted to go on one someday...:pANywz im waitin for the next chapter!++
9/19/2005 c2 depth
this story definitely sounds promising. keep up the awesome work! i'm intrigued by this xavier character :)

update soon!

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