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for The Sky Above: Emma Sheldon's Oregon Trail Diary

5/13/2008 c73 1PuddyKat
That story was wonderful! Even though it didn't have that much description it was still amazing and you made it sound all very real! Oh my GOSH I had a rollercoaster of emotions throughout that story: Excitement at the beginning as they were setting out and in realisation that I HAVE THAT GAME!heehee :) Shock, when baby Amy was almost eaten by a coyete and the fact that Matti killed somebody! I was relivedthat it was just by acident (MATTI'S TOO NICE TO BE A MURDERER!) and really upset that he was living with the guilt, poor guy. O and also when Carl tried to rape Juno...oo that was horrible I was sat at the edge of my seat shouting "OH MY GOSH WHERE IT JUNO!"

Anyways, it was a REALLY good story. I'm going to write an Oregon Trail story! I really should write something, I haven't posted anything on Fanfiction or fictionpress for ages and I think I might be LOOSING THE ABILITY TO WRITE CREATIVELY GAH!

Wuv Wuv PuddyKat x
1/2/2008 c2 Bri
You might know this you might not, who cares, all the things that she would have bought would have been in larger quantities and wouldn't be premade, like biscuits and bread. Also they wouldn't elect a woman as their leader, even if she made the trip a million times, the Oregon trail was still during the time when men ruled the world.
5/3/2007 c25 Murphy's Lawyer
Well, well, ANOTHER twist. Didn't see that one coming.. although I kinda wondered when she said earlier that the wagon had both Matti and Juno in it.

Interesting. One thing though, the language isn't entirely appropriate to the period.

- LL
5/3/2007 c21 Murphy's Lawyer
uhoh, I hope Matti is okay...

- LL
5/3/2007 c9 Murphy's Lawyer
Oh, interesting twist. I like this so far. Very short entries though.

- LL
3/9/2007 c73 ANGEL992210
12/14/2005 c73 2Selah Ex Animo
Oh, this is amazing! The ending is capital; kudos! Chapter 71 and 72 were my favourites, and the epilogue was great, too. The final paragraph was especially affecting.

Congratulations on finishing! I look forward to seeing more work in this vein!

- Selah
10/27/2005 c64 Selah Ex Animo
A very touching to conclusion to this spate of entries! Yeah, now there are two palpable little ones! The situation with Carl, and Matti perhaps being a murderer, was very nicely done. Good job!
10/22/2005 c64 28Wings As Eagles
Very sweet...I'm glad Juno's found a true home and family now. :)
10/14/2005 c63 Wings As Eagles
Bravo! Great job! Keep goin! :)
10/14/2005 c18 Wings As Eagles
I'm enjoying this story a lot so far. The way it's written makes it feel very real to me. :)
9/16/2005 c14 Kurama-Kan
I just did this review to explain to you about my story since there's no messaging thingy. (Though, personally I don't see why I have to expalin this.) *Sighs* Anyway, Amaya galnces at the bed sort of to make up her mind, you know. She got real into the thought of killing Hiko and then to make sure she didn't show any signs of waking up or anything she looked over at her. There are you happy?
8/21/2005 c1 UJWF0WFW0FWE0WEF0
Cool I remember playing Oregon Trail ages ago at school. Anywho, I think I'll read some more of this when I have time; it seems as if it will be interesting.
8/16/2005 c9 1Kurama-Kun
Horsechild someone else read my story! I'm so happy! Someone I don't even know read it, and liked it! ^-^
8/8/2005 c1 Kurama-Kun
Hey! Jusy FYI I posted the first chapter. I need reviews so please help!
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