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for Old Enough to Kill

3/21/2005 c1 Pyro The Evil Fairy
that was awesome, e-mail me to show me more of your work () you make a very valid point and yeah the government is really screwed!
3/21/2005 c1 59Unfairy
True that. The best solution is to road trip to Mexico or when you're 19 road trip to Canada. I think it is overly silly too. It is in my opinion that we do it like some other countries. Legalize the drinking age for 16 and driving for 18. That way we as the dumbass Americans can learn to be more responsible with our alcohol. One may argue that it would make things worse, well look at the rest of the world. Many countries don't even have a minimum age.
3/19/2005 c1 holocaustpulp
The last two lines were good, catchy - pretty much summed up the whole poem. It was too forced in some areas though, such as with the rhyme scheme and all. That having been said, the whole concept of a drinking age is somewhat irrelevant to the idea of warfare and murder (other than that it may instigate it). Also, 18 year olds can vote because they can serve in the army at that age, not to say I support the army.

I guess what you're saying has to do with maturity. In that case, there's really no standard except as it applies to the individual. But whatever. Pretty good poem.

- Holocaustpulp
3/19/2005 c1 33c0nquestri0n
I liked it.. it wasn't written perfectly.. but the idea was very good.. good material..

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