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for His Eyes

9/5/2007 c19 2You Really Think Im Listening
oh, if it gets published would you alert us? -is too hopeful- I wanna buy it already.
9/5/2007 c18 You Really Think Im Listening
That was an awesome story. I mean... just... wow... -looks at you in awe-
9/2/2007 c18 ShesJustAPerson
I LOVE this story. I want it as a book so I can hold it and be all AHH over it! I'd love to know what is happending with this book, email is .

If you dont get this publish i'll kill someone.


seriously I love this.

though I would love to see a sequal of this, like them getting marryed of something. but thats just me, im a sequal loving girl.

9/2/2007 c18 21Faith Adeline
What a cute story! I really liked it! I just found it on one of my fav author's fav stories and decided it looked interesting, and that I wanted to read it. I'm so glad I did! Great plot, although I would've stretched out their relationship a little longer than two weeks. But, it was still very, very good. Keep it up!

8/30/2007 c18 12sunflowersing
Brilliant! I loved it! A few months ago I actually thought of a new story line that involves a mute woman. We will see when I get around to it. :-D

8/30/2007 c16 sunflowersing
What was that last line before she passed out: "forgive" about?

8/30/2007 c13 Kittymama12
Pure evil! But you know what, I bet he thought it was Amy, not a car girl. Lol, had to make a joke, sorry.
8/30/2007 c3 Kittymama12
Haha, I love Chris, so far he's my favorite character. He's so funny! Lol.
8/29/2007 c12 sunflowersing
Always with the bad timing! Grr!

8/29/2007 c10 sunflowersing
That totally sucks that they got interupted!

8/29/2007 c18 82Isabella22
Oh my goodness, I loved it!

I'm glad you left Tristan blind. it makes it more believeable!

Awesome story. Tell me if you get it published, i want the book!
8/27/2007 c18 CM
His eyes was AMAZING! I just LOVED IT! I think that the fact that you left Tristan blind and that he finally completed his goal was just inspiring! Seriously, this is a pretty inspiring story. You have an amazing plot line and I think that I will go ahead and read your other stories without doubt!

Again, I love your story!

~random fiction loving girl, CM
8/23/2007 c3 12sunflowersing
She is violent with Chris!

8/23/2007 c1 sunflowersing
O. This is going to be good!

8/23/2007 c1 Bermudian Chaos
AWESOME. A thought/smile/grin-provoking story all-around.
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