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for His Eyes

7/14/2007 c18 2Lady of Confusion
it was great!
7/13/2007 c18 xonea
can i just say that this story is freaking AMAZING?

i absolutely love it.

it was unlike any of the stories on FP, partly 'cause he's blind and all. xD
7/10/2007 c18 8Owl of the Night
oh, my god... this was... AWESOME! TOTALLY KILLER AWESOME!

*sing-song voice*

tristan and amy! tristan and amy! tristan and amy! tristan and amy! tristan and amy! tristan and amy! tristan and amy! tristan and amy! tristan and -well, you get the point.

Chris is so funni. He just asks what's on his mind, but it's ttly rude. major lol.

awesome job!

7/10/2007 c13 Owl of the Night
a GIRLFRIEND! HE HAS A FREAKIN' GIRLFRIEND! y didn't we find out about this sooner!

Ug... stupid Lexis *glares at computer when i see her name*
7/10/2007 c10 Owl of the Night

*mumbling* stupid dad messing up the stupid moment. GOD! UR SO STUPID DAD!

i love the story! It's so good! XD
7/9/2007 c18 2Appetite
I started and finished your story today. Haha, it's very fun and addictive to read.

Your story is simply amazing, I loved it completely. I can't think of anything else to say but that at the moment. I'm simply awed. There's no word out there that can describe how great this story is. =)

- Askari
7/8/2007 c1 1futurechicki29
I thought it was a really good piece of writing! I can't wait to read the next chapter! I'll definately look for more work you did.

In the third-to-last paragraph, you forgot to put a space and put incase instead of in case, and you said applied Northwester instead of applied to Northwestern.

Hope I could help! Keep on writing!
7/5/2007 c18 Bree
Ok, so I finished this story last night, and yes, I am one of the naughty people that only reviews at the end.. lol.

Anyway, I thought the plot line was really great, it was unique and unlike alot of the stories on fictionpress.

I think that promise was used pretty okay, I think that alot of the plot twists that you added had promise to be extremely shock horror, and they probably were if you were reading chapter one week at a time or something, but for reading it all together, I didn't really think that the plot twists were shock horror because of the way they were introduced, the chapters were quite short, and most of the time the chapters were made up of dialogue - so I think if more commentary on behalf of Amy would benefit the storyline as well because I felt that I wasn't really able to feel all that much because I never got to meet the main characters all that much, sure I knew about charlie week and we met Tristan's family, but we didn't really get an indepth look of Amy or Tristan, although for myself, I think that during the last few chapters you did a really great job at envoking emotion towards Tristan, and his helplessness and all that jazz, so top job for that. :D

I'm sorry if this review seemed mean or anything, because it wasn't meant to come across as that, I just feel that you would probably benefit more from someone giving you constructive criticism that someone just going 'omgz i luv ur story s0 much!11! omg!' if you know what I mean?
7/2/2007 c18 Bek
gorgeous story. i read it ages ago and i don't think i reviewed coz i'm a lazy ass but nehooha, here it is :P great writing, my only criticism is that it was a bit rushed. lovely story idea :)

7/1/2007 c18 KayB
I've just read all 18 chapters of your story, and I have to say I absolutely loved it. I think it was probaly one of best stories I've ever read on Fictionpress. Everything was great:the grammar, the plot, and, most of all, your characters. This is definitely going into my favorites.
7/1/2007 c18 3moneymakestheworldgoround
this is an awesome story! i got totally hooked. its rly cute and touching at the same time, and made me think about blind people and stuff. made me rlz if i was blind i couldn't go on da comp properly and stuff again. o_O yea ... shock and horror. *gasp*

but rly, it is pretty damn cool, this story. :D grat job! ^_^
6/28/2007 c18 1rebecamontiel
I loved your story!
6/23/2007 c18 10hydra-star1
I only have one word for you.


XD I'm sorry, but she says it so many times throughout the story! I loved it, by the way. As, I'm sure, have so many other readers. The concept and the way you did it were so wonderful. I just had a wonderful time reading it. This is definately one of the best stories I've read on fp. I love it, love it, love it. Wonderful job, dear!
6/23/2007 c18 7LadyLush
aw that story was so cute. i think you wrote the emotions of what tristan were going through superbly. i loved your story

6/21/2007 c17 i rule akvetana. get over it
erm... i dont like the end

at all

but the rest was AMAZING

but why the sad ending? 8(

you say theres another chapter but... you also said those were the last words she ever heard him speak

so thats... bad 8(
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