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for His Eyes

3/9/2007 c2 4green.gaze
“Mom and Dad just got you a babysitter! They had to pay her a ton to stay!” that lign just made me crack up. You can just hear children's voices telling that.

You have a lot of really fun lines in your story. I love that.

I didn't think you could make a story with blindess in it sound so funny.

More seriously I just discovered your story, and I like the plot.

“Get back from the door!”

I'm no proofreader, but that sentence seemed weird to me. I would expect a 'get away from the door', but then maybe I'm wrong. I thought I would tell you anyway..
3/7/2007 c18 6Erin A. Menz
Great story. A lot of scenes could have had more emphasis in them, more details. You probably could have had a few more chapters put in, or even merely just longer chapters.

For instance, there could have been a longer scene where she went and had her experiences in college, thus creating an effect where the reader really does feel that she's trying hard to be distracted from Tristan.

This was an awesome story, and you'll have to let me know if it's ever published, even though it's been about two years since you wrote it.

My current e-mail address for any notification whatsoever is dustins.wolf. Feel free to contact me for any reason.
3/6/2007 c18 Vanquisher Jinx
I absouletly love your story. My friend told about it and she loves it too. It's very original and genuine. Thanks for writing something great like this.


3/1/2007 c18 3I Quoth Nevermore
Oh my gosh! This is the most amazing story I have ever read! I love it! And yeah, I'm glad you left Tristan blind. I read this other book and the guy got his vision back (he also had a horse accident) and the story ended REALLY corny, which made me hate it. It was too much drama. But this was perfect!
3/1/2007 c18 Seremela
Wow, how romantic!
3/1/2007 c12 6Erin A. Menz
Hi. I just spent all day reading the first 12 chapters. I couldn't put it down, which is always a good thing, but now seemed like a good time to jump in with a review. So here's the thing: I was a little disappointed that after being gone for so many years, Charlie didn't stay longer, or have more in depth conversations. Overall, this story is awesome, it just lacks a few details, though they can be assumed with the infor that you do give. I'll be reading more of your works.
2/28/2007 c18 1Distant Dreams
I would love to know if you could manage to tell me! I read ebverything. You're a great writer! It's kind of a pity I found this out atthis time... I( would have loved to watch your progress...
2/24/2007 c18 fnnyjnny1414
*pout* i thought the epilouge was gonna be about how Tristian and Amy end up marrying each other and having tons of babies.

*pouts again*

X3 liked the story though.
2/23/2007 c18 Evenstar1389
hihi, i love your story... though it's not as detailed as it can potentially be, it's still short and sweet =)
2/22/2007 c18 HealistOfAllTime

i seriosly love your story

it is absolutely amazing!

i would really like to know obout the other version

the one that you are still kinda revising?

my email is: make.



-said that be4 but i really do

2/22/2007 c18 A River In Egypt
This story was wonderful! I loved every second I spent reading it. I'm off to go check out the rest of your work! :)
2/21/2007 c12 Distant Dreams
Aw... going into my favs!
2/21/2007 c7 Distant Dreams
How do you sign up for a premium account? Meanwhile, great chapter!
2/21/2007 c2 Distant Dreams
2/20/2007 c18 5Highlands
this is one of a kind. very heartwarming...
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