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for His Eyes

1/20/2007 c18 2L.Elizabeth
i loved the story.. i used to be a jumper too. you have alot of talent
1/19/2007 c18 abandonnnnned
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story! I particularly loved the varying hippy meals and Chris, but I thought some parts (like Charlie) felt a little rushed. Very enjoyable!
1/18/2007 c18 beavergirl13
Absolutely fantastic. That's all I can say.
1/18/2007 c18 2trippiekittie
i LOVED that! you are an absolutely AMAZING writer! i was rather surprised when Tristan and Amy spilt up, but after he actually matured I decided it was better plot-wise for the seperation. and i loved that you allowed him to ride again! that was a big hope of mine while i was reading the story. and, really, it isnt totally unfeasible. if he had a strong enough bond with the hore and was able to read it's body language, he could have someone run him through the course until he was comfortable with the spacing of the fences and whatnot. top story, my dear! keep up the good work!
1/8/2007 c18 3Zoe Elizabeth
Beautiful. Simply gorgeous.

I was reading the last chapter and wondering how you'd get Amy and Tristan back together within one chapter- because I knew it was coming. I actually like how you kept Tristan blind. idk. It makes the bond between Amy and Tristan stronger, maybe?

I loved it!
1/7/2007 c14 Zoe Elizabeth
Lexus pisses me off- which techinically IS a compliment for your writing.

Good job on making Lexus (or "the creature" ha, love it) so loathesome! I hope things get better between Amy and Tristan.
1/6/2007 c1 Sunit
1/3/2007 c18 4britty-tt
Your plot is so original! Thats what I like the most about it! The characters are amazingly easy to relate to (though ive never been blind) and your plot is interesting. I like the fact that he liked her for who she was in the inside and she knew it cause obviously he couldnt see. Your story is written so amazingly well and you defiantly captivated the reader (me) with your story and the emotions between the characters. I can tell by reading this story that you must have put alot of time, work and thought into writing this story. Well obviously cause its so good. I love stories with unique plots the most and your plot is defiantly unique. *feels jealous for not thinking of plot first* lol. Congrats on a great succesful story well written. Keep up the amazingly brilliant work ;)
1/2/2007 c18 Bleed08
i really liked it. and i really liked that you left him blind. i was so sure that you were going to be like "and he could see again because her love!" i probabaly would have closed out and not read it.

anyways i do like it. youre very talented
1/1/2007 c18 earlkgm
wow, that was a PERFECT ending! I LOVED IT!
1/1/2007 c17 earlkgm
I bet he's going to get surgery to help is eyesight...that's my hypothesis! oh and that they'll end up together... AWESOME STORY!
12/31/2006 c7 3Zoe Elizabeth
I'm not even half-way through this, but I really like it. The storyline is very interesting and unique. The relationship between Amy and Tristan is awkward but fun all the same. woohoo!

The length of the chapters are a little short, but that's OK. I think chapters are better to be short and easy-to-read than insanely long and difficult the pull yourself through.

Good job so far!
12/27/2006 c1 Kriti
n i just wanted to ask...u watch gilmore girls?coz i thot tha maybe the names tristan n kirk were to much of a coincidence...n e way,like sed...awsome job!keep writing!but pl.pl.pl. think about a sequal...that wud be gr88!
12/27/2006 c18 Kriti
i have this huge smile on my face...i cant stop grinning n going aw wow ..!this story was sweet, cute n simply lovely to the point of perfection!writing or literature dusnt dusnt always have to heavy duty stuff, or something that u sit hours pondering over or interpreting n analysing...just something that short,sweet n brings a smile to ur face is a gr8 piece of work in itself!n i've been looking for something like this to read,so thank you for writing something so nice!pl. do think about a sequal...not only does ur story have a lot of potential for it to go forward but it wud make for as just n amazing read as well m sure!...so keep up the gr8 work...n thnx once again,i had a lot of fun reading!
12/25/2006 c18 Loveuall
I found this story on someone's favorites. I really didn't expect it to be so COOL at. It's amazing. I don't if it's a bit far fetched, I love it. I'll be reading your other novels too. You have future
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