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7/14/2005 c9 1psychedelic mishap
gee...don't even spell my name right! gosh. but nice chapter. christian seems cool. i know! they should alternate abbey. and then, stella gets time off abbey! but hey, that's just an idea so that she and matt can get together. better. ugh. whatever. don't even know if that's good for the baby but oh well, i tried! update again - ciao!
7/14/2005 c9 city-gal7
wonder if Madison is feeling angry and got drunk and knocked up once again...it could happen?

that was really sweet adn nice fo Matt AND Christian to defend Stella...really. I like Christian, i really do...he won't take the baby away from Stella right? i also like how Matt knows what Stella is thinking...that's both so adorable and weird...ah, MAtt...what a guy!
7/14/2005 c9 MimiGhost
7/14/2005 c9 29hasseena
Hey, I am glad you updated. I like Clash and where its heading. Update soon!
7/13/2005 c9 1Eudoxus
Holy crap, she knows. She knows and you LEFT US HANGING LIKE THAT how could you :( Heh, kidding. That was one heck of a chapter though, I must say. However, with a cliffy like that, you have to update soon, otherwise you'll probably find yourself with an angry mob on your hands XD
7/13/2005 c9 6summers-end
I really like this story. It's atypical because most of the time in romance stories, the female lead is usually carefree with her hair down; this story has a real girl with a real situation and that makes it interesting. It's also written really well. Kudos for that.

Matt sounds like a wonderful guy. I hope it works out for him and Stella.

One thing you should mention though is WHY Stella dropped out. I think it'll develop the character a lot more and make her even more real.

Something that has me confused is why nobody noticed that Madison was pregnant. I mean, it's kind of hard to miss. I suppose she could have had Abbey in the summer but that would still mean she was pregnant for 6 months of the school year. If you could please explain that?

This was just an idea I had. I'm not sure where you want to take the story or if you've thought of an ending or anything. So ignore it if you want. Anyway, my idea was that maybe Stella could adopt Abbey and raise her as her own? It would sorta fix the whole "I'm not your mother" thing plus it means she would never have to give Abbey up, which she obviously doesn't want to. Just an idea. I hope you take it into consideration though.

Oh! One thing that really stood out when I was reading! When Stella is talking to Madison about babysitting for Abbey, and Madison goes white and says "She's your daughter, not mine" (in more or less words)...well, that really stuck with me. I think that was EXACTLY what her character would say because it's obvious she really, truly feels that way. It was really insightful to Madison's character and it's also a good trait as a writer because it means that you're in-tuned with not only your main characters, but all of them.

I hope you update soon! You kind of stopped this chapter at a big cliffhanger!

Keep writing and update soon!basicME
7/13/2005 c9 3kat6528
well i wrote a katie bell/oliver wood fanfic. Two AU stories with Original characters. and i wrote a one-shot with severus/hermione. but th 1st three didn't end up in anything... i totally lost interest and stuff. but my one-shot is still up i think.

onto my review... im glad someone else knows the truth... but still poor Christian he does seem nice. Madison should've realized someone else was bound to find out. Stella doesn't deserve to get blamed on. and that madison should've taken responsibility anyway. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/13/2005 c9 1A.realistic.romantic
Well, since i didnt' review last chapter, i will lump last one and this one into one. First off, I'm glad Matt knows, and i think he must have been sorta relieved in a way, but i'm also glad that you brought up the whole when Abbey grow up thing. I really wasn't expecting the whole Father situation to come into play, he seems like a decent guy although i still hate Mad. She seems like one of the people that if they were real and went to my school i would wish they would transfer. Anyway. This chapter was, well... it seemed sorta fillerish, but i think almost anything would compared to last chapter where SOO much happened. although Madison not coming home is eventful. I didn't really notice the swearing, so although it may have been there it was extremely "look at this its a curse word" so don't worry about it! Well either way, i still love this story and can't wait for another chapter although i can totally relate to the whole summer-itis thing. It took me almost a month to update one of my fanfictions so you're still beating me there. Keep it up!
7/13/2005 c9 sharp-tounged
congrats for making over 100 reviews! that's fantastic! I hope everybody's okay. it seems everybody's in a break-down time
7/10/2005 c8 city-gal7
wow! that was alot of things that happend huh? Matt findingo ut...the father, wow!

i still hate Madison..i do. i wish people will confront Madison now...karma wouldbe really good for her

I love Matt, he's so understanding and sweet.

Update please!
7/9/2005 c1 Disoriented Waste
Okay.. One thing that drew me to this story was the summary Awesome job.. "My mom, she still believes the condom broke"

Erm.. I think that if you could do an amazing story .. But like you should clean up the first story.. I although do have a habit in writting to write too much so.. yeahh m :P

Anyways.. I like sarcastic cynical humours *pokes and points* remember that ! :P
7/4/2005 c6 caren

well firstly, I totally love the plotline.Its rather original and I do adore the characters you've set up.

However, I personally don't particularly like the present tense and first person narration. It sort of chops the story a bit and doesn't really give depth to the characters and development

Also, I'm not really into all the minor details, say, going to sleep and all that. Are you using that as a way of letting us know the seemingly bland and scheduled life of Stella? I'm not very sure.

I think you should have elaborated on the first two chapters, i.e. the reasoning behind stella now pretending that abbey is her daughter. When her mother told her that she should lie about that...i felt it was a little rushed, seeing as how we were't really told of madison's initial relationship with her own daughter, hence, leading up to these circumstances.

However, aside from all that, I think this story has heaps of potential, and I'm sorry if I sound too critical or whatever, but it is great and if anything, the characters and family dynamics is great. Just actual development would work better and i suppose more detail and such.

hope this somehwhat works as constructive critism.I do love the story! and the summary especially- very witty!


7/3/2005 c8 29hasseena
hey this chapter was totally eventful and amazing! I like the length of the chapter and the way you revealed Stella finding out Christian Blake to be Abbey's father. Matt is so nice indeed. I am loving this story more after this chapter. So please...update soon ^_^
6/30/2005 c8 1psychedelic mishap
right. wonderful chapter. so glad you told us a litle secret and its nce to know other people knowing that abbey is NOT stella's daughter. like, finally. =D anyways, as said before, lovely chapter...its great that you're a quick updater so, do what you do best and update! ciao - mwa!
6/28/2005 c8 1Eudoxus
Ahh, the father :o I feel so bad for him :( Ah well :D Go Stella, go Stella got a date (kinda XD) uhhuh. Haha, nice chapter, I like Matt alot. Can't wait for the next!
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