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5/31/2005 c6 1photogirl16
i like it! Is Stella ever gonna tell Matt that Abbey isn't really her kid?update soon~Becky
5/25/2005 c6 38roxy-babe912
Wow this is REALLY good. It's original, a fresh break. I love it! Update fast.

IF you have any spare time, or are bored or something, could you check out something of mine? If you're busy, don't worry about it. Don't let it interfere with any of your awesome writing!
5/24/2005 c6 birdytamel
lol, well some people are pretty slim during pregnancies. maybe the baby was just uber small? lol. um, good luch with our test. and if u ever want to endear us to madioson, start soon, because i'm building up what is known in life as a grudge...*scowls* cant believe they dump that on her. again. three-fold. does the dad have any say in the situation? I mean madison and stella's dad. but talking about abbeys dad...you know what would suck? Dunno i i said this before, but if matt or soemthing was abbeys dad. I don't think i mentioned this before...but yes, update asap, because she's late for the party! Whe! lol *cough* sorry bout that.
5/24/2005 c6 murfdurf22
shame shame shame, late for Matt's party. whats she gonna do with Abbey then?
5/24/2005 c6 FrozenWaterFaerie
Madison's scary. anyway, i'm supposed to be writing an essay. so sorry for not leaving a longer reply.
5/24/2005 c6 2katieee
interesting chapter. good luck on your exam...well..update soon!
5/24/2005 c6 CheesyBiscuits
reread chapter 1. i see wat u were talking about.

i dont blame Stella for telling her mom off. i swould've too if i were in her position. her mom is a real bitch. she's so blind. i cant believe she cant see see watch a jerk madison is. i wonder wat matt will say wen he sees that stella arrived to his party late...update soon!
5/24/2005 c6 9Beryana
AH! Come on you can't leave it there!

Please? Hurry and update, okay?
5/24/2005 c6 VioletJoy
i don't like the fact that madison's leading the "perfect" life. justice should be served...to her and her horrible mother. and people should know the truth about abbey. these two facts make me mad. oh, and the fact that stella doesn't really seem to do anything about it. she's too mellow of a character. maybe a bit unrealistic? i don't know. i can't imagine anyone who would just sit down and basically do everything their parents say. but nonetheless, nice story.
5/24/2005 c6 city-gal7
well, i'm glad that Stella has a bit of a backbone after al...i was getting annyoed at how she was getting pushed so easily by both her mom and sister...maybe she should go live in New York with Abbey, u know, with the support of her dad and all...which side is he on? like, does he ADORE Madison like their mom does?

I think after Matt's party, u can hurry it up a bit...cause yeah, it's dragging...but just a TINY LITTLE BIT...good update! very proud of stella for yelling at her mom and FINALLY saying that Madison's a slut...whose smart, that suprised me!

keep updating
5/23/2005 c6 1psychedelic mishap
of course i've listened to them! my god...absolutely NOTHING is wrong with them! hello? gollum's song? into the west? shadow of the past? too cool for you. anyways, cool chapter. matt's very...very...sudden. but still seems quite hot. of course. anyways, i sacrificed 10 min of my so-called study time for you so i need to go now. ciao!
5/23/2005 c6 3kat6528
can't wiat for the next chapter!
5/13/2005 c5 25raniaur
5/11/2005 c5 5Kristen-Roxanne
I Think this story is very good! I haven't read one like it. i'm surpized you don't have more reviews! anyways great job! caan't wait to read the next chapter.
5/10/2005 c5 1psychedelic mishap
carmenel, carmenel, carmenel. hi *waves* so. wicked story, i see. i'm more into the cliched stories, and you know it so the beginning of it was a bit weird for me at first, but i've gotten over that. i like matt. =D anyways, i should totally be doing my english dialogue but i'm ditching that for you. so be happy. i'm not a particular fan of present tense, but then again, that's just me. and i'm pretty sure you don't really care. and dude, NOTHING is wrong with LOTR. NOTHING. got that? by the way, were those cd's for him? cause then, he would have good taste! so now, i really have to do the dialogue and i'm looking forward to the next chapter! which will obviously be after the exams. crap. write heaps and yeah...study! XD mwa.
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