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5/7/2006 c3 10cherrypiesizzle
GREAT STORY. got u from Banality in a Box.
2/9/2006 c13 88multiples of six
Aww! =D That was really, really cute. I thought Madison was a bit psycho with the "she's your baby!" bit, but then her story explained that. And I missed the exchange program thing early in the story I guess. This was a really cute story & very funny at times too, and definitely an original plot line.. nice job! =D
2/9/2006 c6 multiples of six
Hehe. Okay, I started reading this & I was going to wait till the end to review so you'd have a nice even number ('cuz I'm kinda weird about things like that) but then I didn't feel like it. And yeah. Stella definitely needs to tell Matt she's not Abbey's mother. And for a "hot guy" there's been very little description of him =( .. and how did none of Madison's friends notice her disappearing to have a baby? Meh! It's a good story. Reading on.. =)
1/2/2006 c13 Alenor
this was a great story. i absolutely love it :) and the ending was good. cya later ~ Alenor.
12/10/2005 c13 2abc123 chewy
that was awesome and lovely
12/2/2005 c13 1Freakage
Aw! I loved it; thank you so much!
11/25/2005 c13 Ivy
OMG. That was really a surprise. Well great ending! The whole story was screaming Carmen! They are married right? Goodies. lol.

Great story! I don't know what you were going on about. Write something new soon =)
11/25/2005 c12 Ivy
AW. Sweetness. candied, candy-coated, cloying, delicious, honeyed, like candy, like honey, like sugar, luscious, nectareous, saccharine, sugar-coated, sugared, sweetened, syrupy, toothsome. etc.

Copied and pasted that. Yay epilogue. Like your chapter titles. =)
11/25/2005 c11 Ivy

Ahaha, I cecream s c ene was sweet.

Funny quote:

"Matt pulls me away from it, closer to him and then spontaneously, kisses me on the mouth. Two seconds later, I’ve pulled away, told myself off for pulling away and kissed him again."

So dramatic. lol.

Matt has sweet messages. Aw ww ww.

Only a few more chapters left.. Oh NO!
11/25/2005 c10 Ivy
Okay, maybe Madison is okay. But her whole denial thing is annoying me. AR R RG GH H H!

Abbey is so annoying too. Madison and Abbey. YAY!

Oh well... at least Matt is still sweet. Goodies = )
11/25/2005 c9 Ivy
Hey! I'm continuing on now! Yay!

Anyway. "Penny for your thoughts?" DELTA! Isn't it?

Nice writing, and I'm loving the structure of the story, It looks really nice and melodic somewhat. .. =)
11/25/2005 c8 Ivy

Abbey is starting to annoy me now. Freakin little kids. Matt and Stella and Abbey aren't going to end up together are they?NO! Madison and Abbey!
11/25/2005 c7 Ivy

He's so (I have to say it again) SWEET.

I loved the “Hey y’all! part. I thought that was so funny. I could even picture/hear the whole american accent coming through.

11/25/2005 c6 Ivy
Oh no! She's late. Hope it doesn't ruin anything =] Madison is so annoying.

But Ryan sounds pretty nice. Anyway, reading on.
11/25/2005 c5 Ivy
AHAHAHA. That was so sweet!

Oh I seriously need to use a thesaurous for synonyms of sweet.

I loved the "Boyfriend?" bit. So cute.

Reading on = )
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