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10/6/2005 c13 Need 'n' Know
Ack, sorry, it wouldn't let me review Chapter 12 until now. I was so mad!

Anyway, such a happy ending... it all closes very nice.

It's so short... (sighs) Bye, everybody! Lolz.


10/6/2005 c12 Need 'n' Know
Ah! An epilogue... (slams doors) Noo! It's going to end soon... (rubs hands anxiously) NO!

You're very welcome (since you said thank you)... but you don't need to say thank you! It was my pleasure, and I had so much to comment on! Like Stella, Abbey, Matt, and Ryan's new girlfriend... (starry-eyed)

Five years? Are you CRAZY? Well, you're the author, and now that I think about it... all right! Five-year-old Abbey - oh!

Trent with his little joke at the party - lolz! Aww... so no wedding and catching the bouquet thingy? Aww... but that's okay. (pats self; sweatdrops)

Hey, it says "the end" at the end! No... (cries) Okay, epilogue... (takes in deep breath) Aww... epilogue! OMG, I can go on and on, can't I? (sighs) Fine, fine. (grumbles)

I love you so much! I love this story! Who-o-o-o!

(continues crying about epilogue)

10/6/2005 c13 3kat6528
aw im sad it's the end... but it was beautiful! luved every minute of it!
10/6/2005 c13 1bummertime
10/6/2005 c13 CheesyBiscuits
Yay! I love happy endings!
10/6/2005 c13 1Eudoxus
Oh God, I want to cry ;_; That was so sweet. Short and sweet, a lovely epilogue to end a lovely story. (Did I mention I love Matt? I don't know why, but he's just so.. cool. And he just gets cooler :shrug: ) Alright, well. Wonderful job, doesn't it feel nice to sit back and look at a finished story? XD
10/6/2005 c13 29hasseena
Oh my god! I totally love this epilogue. It was so beautiful overall. Its my favorite chapter in the whole story. The story was so nice and I am glad I started reading it. But its over...Never Mind^_^So when are you starting your new 'awesome cool' story? I would like to read it because this one has surely left hell of a good effect of me! You are also now in my favorite authors and Clash goes to my favorite stories.
10/6/2005 c13 1psychedelic mishap
alright. second attempt. i was incredibly nice and thoghtful before..now i'm jsut pissed.

anyways, what i had before was something along this lines of this:


ok. i don't remember. but yes. that was a nice epiloge. short and sweet. does saccharine sweet apply here?

so yes. you've done an amazing job on this story...was glad to catch it early on..blah blah blah..you've come a long way...blah blah.

anyways, you know what i'm trying to send across and yes - wonderful job on the story.

now you need to continue writing, and start that new story!

10/6/2005 c13 1apothecary for lemons
aw this last two chapters were so beautiful...too bad it were the last.oh well it was a great story, congrats! :D
9/24/2005 c12 4False Advertisement
I noticed you were up more for description. Ten points just for you! Good chapter.

False Advertisement
9/23/2005 c12 25raniaur
Hey! Awesome. I liked it, but I think there shouold be another chappie b4 the epilogue. Just my pov. anywayz, UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE
9/23/2005 c1 dizzy up the girl
It's really interesting so far! I like your style of writing, you can get people hooked, without putting too much effort into it :)
9/23/2005 c12 22dwilivia
I like your story... the plot and everything. Abbey's cute. can't wait for an update.
9/23/2005 c12 Rose
How sweet, the happy ending. I wonder what Matt will say when he find's out that she adopted Abby. By the way, I love your penname.
9/23/2005 c12 29hasseena
HiI actually read this upload yesterday but I am reviewing today.Your storyy has almost ended! aww.kk I really enjoyed reading all the chapters including this one. Hope the epilogue comes up soon.
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