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9/22/2005 c1 seeeetha
ahahaha.. i was reading the story.. and i'm like wow this is good.. so i go read your profile.. and in that list of things you like it said sghs.. and i'm like SHIESEN this chick goes to our school.. and then i scroll back up and its carmen dear =P

WO! good work!seetha
9/22/2005 c12 3kat6528
i say she should sign it! can;t wait for the next chapter!
9/22/2005 c12 LilMisMusical
Aw last chapter may have been dead, but this one was smoking! I really liked the last part with the adoption papers even if that sort of thing kinda was coming for awhile. Not to mention the ever so important "I love you" came at just the right time. I can't wait for the epi.
9/22/2005 c12 CheesyBiscuits
I can't wait for the epilouge. update soon!
9/22/2005 c12 1Eudoxus
Haha, I feel so amazingly honored XD But the reason I review all of your stuff is because you're an awesome writer, so it's a given I would (I think o_O).

Ok, chapter review:

This was... gah, you know that happy type of crying where you can't stop smiling and you feel like a total dork? Yeah, well I'm getting some pretty strange looks because of that right now. This chapter was just so.. fluffy and delicious XD I thought it was good just with the Cate thing and the Matt kissing thing, but then BAM you throw in the whole adoption bit. Sounds kind of cheesy when I write it out, but it worked great to pull everything together.

I'm sad this is over :( It was a great story, can't wait for the epilogue :D
9/22/2005 c12 1psychedelic mishap
here i am! woot! go me. so. nice chapter! you had a typo somewhere amongst it..but i'm sure no one cares.

mmhmm. the whole "i love you" mini scene was sweet. ooh - AND.

_Have I mentioned he’s a great kisser? A shiver runs down my back and-_

dearest carmen, you not telling me something? lol. i'm being mean but hey, that's expected when i'm entirely screwed for history and here i am - reviewing. pssh.

so yes. excellent chapter! am eager for the epilogue...have it by next week, yeah?

mwa! and good luck for...your two exams.
9/22/2005 c12 Alison Ashley
YAY! We're nearing the end. I do hope Madison does take a some part in Abbey's life though. I can't wait to see the epilogue soon. Put it up SOON:)

9/21/2005 c12 13Tenshistar
Aw, so cute. i like the ending, but i can't wait for the epilogue. Update soon please!
9/10/2005 c10 5square root
How do you *get* so many reviews? I'm on chapter eight and I don't have a quarter as many. This is a good story. At first I was turned off by the personalities of the characters- they didn't seem like they went very deep. But I liked the controversy between Madison and Stella, and the way Stella defended Madison, even when she was wrong. It shows that she's definitely not perfect. I want to know what happens to Abbey, so update!
9/9/2005 c6 guest
woah this story is pretty good i feel really bad for Stella and i hope Madison dies in a river lol. but really while reading that i was like that must suck and i was thinking about what i would've done if i was Stella i know i would've totalled screwd over madison and never done anything for her and probably stolen her money and valuable break all the shit in her room and then run away and work at mc donalds for the rest of my life lol. shesh i would do anything then be stuck with her fer sister well so for i think its kinda sad and umm ya good story lol.
9/8/2005 c11 funky peaches
alright so shoot me...i'm too lazy to sign in, but when I review next time, I shall...

well, dear carmenel. LOVE the story :) woot woot! This idea is AWESOME girlie :D

And what more can I say, you have a *flair* puahaha! :)

great characters...love abbey...:)

and I
9/7/2005 c11 29hasseena
I enjoyed reading the chapter. Please update soon.
9/3/2005 c11 Need 'n' Know
Oh, all right. That's nice. Family and talk. Matt really knows his parents, doesn't he? That's great.

An epilogue... okay. You had to drag yourself to finish this chapter? Don't worry, it's as filled as the other chapters.

I'm just curious, but is Stella going to keep Abbey? She deserves it... and Madison and Christian are understanding enough, right? They haven't spent as much time with Abbey as Stella... it's just that when Abbey grows up... (growls) It's your choice, not mine.

9/3/2005 c10 Need 'n' Know
Everything's so nice now! Madison wasn't the b-word I thought she was, but Stella needs to get with Matt! Come on! Please, go out without interruptions!

Almost ended?

Gawsh, lots of "f" words there... but that's okay. I've read things like that before, and have gotten used to it, but Stella WAS cursing too much... (bows head)

9/3/2005 c9 Need 'n' Know
OMG, screw Madison! Screw her! Christian was nice, wasn't he? It was Madison's fault for not telling him... he would've taken responsibility for it, wouldn't he? He really would! I believe in him! Oh, and Matt... (grins)

Go, Stella! Go kick your sister! Mua-ha-ha-ha!

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