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8/25/2005 c9 sara
oo.. so many things happening ^ ^ great chapter!
8/25/2005 c8 sara
OHMYGOODNESS! ... that's all i have to say.
8/25/2005 c6 sara
argh! i hate madison! HATE! okay. i think im sort of okay now. haha..im so annoyed and she's just a fictional character.. stella's mum is not very nice at all.. she has so much favouritsm for madison! WHY! madison got drunk and pregnant! *sigh* im going to calm down.. but madison didn't get invited to the after party hehe.. yay! oo by the way. i know it doesn't really matter, but what kind of music does broken mirror have make? great chapter!
8/25/2005 c5 sara
ryan is kool =) and matt is soo... nice guy haha.. and abbey is the cutest little baby in the world hehe . this is a short review bcoz i cant wait to read the next chapter! oo. this was quite a long chapter . well done! haha..
8/25/2005 c4 sara
wow! that was a really great happy funny chapter! "No, I was staring at his nose the entire time," - haahhahah! that is the funniest thing ever! im still quietly laughing about it haha. grrz madison haha.. i will try and stop commenting on my dislike for her in every review.. but omygoodness . she can't even handle abbey for a little while! overall, the chapter had a really good tone and it was fun to read =)
8/25/2005 c3 sara
"my um cousin" argh! madisonn.. haha.. i really do dislike her. matt seems nice hehe.. i cant believe that madison doesn't even care about abbey, even a little bit. thats really sad =(
8/25/2005 c2 sara
its never too early for a hot guy! hahaha.. thats great that she doesn't regret it! grr.. i am still annoyed at madison haha.. do people think that stella is a failure? or is it just her mother.. and madison..
8/25/2005 c1 sara
oh this is a very excellent story so far =). that really frustrates me that madison still ends up winning.. i can't believe stella has to say its her daughter so that everyone thinks she's the one that made the mistake! and her mom is so mean to her! haha.. im getting a bit dramatic about it.. i guess im just very into your story..

8/25/2005 c10 Alison Ashley
I really love this story. I'm glad I found it. It's really well-written. I like Matt. He's very sweet. Was it love at first sight for him or something? Write more soon,

8/25/2005 c11 city-gal7
damn, sorry about that...happen to me once too, i was pissed...but if u can still remember a bit of what u wrote, then u can make an even BETTER chapter! good luck
8/25/2005 c10 city-gal7
u know what? i really liked this chapter...kinda showed that MAYBE even Madison could feel..i dunno, what's the word? guilty? i didn't even think she was guilty in this chapter...just that she thought alot about stuff...shocking!

I dunno what's gonna happen next for stella...maybe some romance with Matt? *nudge*
8/25/2005 c11 4FairyOfDeath
its, okay, remain calm. this always happens to a writter a couple times in their lives. the big feeling to start crying? that is completely normal, ive been through it at least once before. the big thing is to remain calm...take a couple of days of without writting anything before you even look at the story again. you have to have enough incentive to do it or it will turn out like crap, and a writter has a need to enjoy their work...take a DEEP breath, itll be okay (though i never has someone to tell me this when it happened to me) and goodluck getting in the mood to write, if it doesn't happen then force yourself to do a little each day after your nice break, otherwise you won't continue it for a year trust me i know lol, goodluck
8/18/2005 c10 1XxDarkHeartxX
Guess what? I loved this chapter! I love this story! Why are you taking so long to update? I'm in agony!

Seriously, I am. Since school started, I decided to take accelerated classes. I'm so busy, your stories are like...a godsend.

And what's this I hear about So Much For A Happy Ending being on hiatus? It is such a good story with so much potential! Please update, anything would do, even a filler chapter with like, a flashback of her past, you know?

You're probably all busy now. Did school start wherever you are? If so, I'll let this thing go. Just don't take forever to update like I do! Don't be like me!

Gotta go now. But PLEASE don't be gone! See ya!
8/10/2005 c10 1SouledChampion
Okay, you've managed to make me change my mind about Madison and her mother. Not completely, because some of their behaviour is inexcusable, but I no longer think of either of them as assholes, so much as people who were put in a desperate situation. Anyways, I'm loving this story, good to see that there's no imminent threat of Abbey being taken away, and hope you update soon. :)
8/8/2005 c10 1A.realistic.romantic
see, you are wishing it were warmer and i am wishing it were cooler! it is so insanely warm over here in the US! and the swearing, i think you used it really well, especially in this chapter, it was appropriate. And i liked how Maddison handled it all, although i still don't like her very much. and may i say, could Matt be any more awsome! sorry but you created a great character. This wasn't your strongest chapter, but still good... i can't wait for the next chapter.
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