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8/8/2005 c10 1Stevshals
This is better. I still don't like Madison though. I mean it's unbelievable that Stella's own mother would give her such a huge responsiblity without informing her of everything. My guess is that Madison will want her Abbey back when she gets older so it's best that Stella adopts her legally. It's safer for both her and Abbey that way.
8/7/2005 c10 Madee
Nice story! Stella is a really nice character, but I donĀ“t understand why she stopped studying. And How did Madison hide from everyone that she was pregnant?
8/6/2005 c10 1bummertime
Oh good chapter! I know i wouldnt have been that nice.
8/6/2005 c10 35pixy-dizzy
are you kidding? After this chapter, Madison is definitely 3-D...and I can sympathize and understand her a lot better than before. As for Abby...well, we'll have to see what you decide to do, eh? I have a feeling that Stella's going to end up keeping her and maybe even officially adopting her-and that sounds good to me. Maybe. Depends what you want to do, because I have the utmost faith that you will make it wonderful either way. Please update soon!
8/5/2005 c10 2siwonsiwon
Wow nice story! =) Love the concept and I kinda feel bad for Stella even though it turned out okay. How her mom seemed so heartless to say Stella would raise Abbey then give her back willingly. But I think your story really shows how the mother that raises you will be the mother you are most tender to. =T Is something goinna happen with Christian and Stella? :P haha Make Matt jealouus! :P Good job! Update soon!
8/5/2005 c10 4False Advertisement
Well, I'm glad you updated. Don't worry about updating quickly, though. Hopefully life stops being so strange for you. I was just wondering, though, what was the major conflict in this story, now that it's winding down?

Okay. Well, good chapter.Katelyn
8/5/2005 c10 selene909
Thanks for another great chapter, can't wait for the next. Kudos on the Harry Potter bit. Good luck with your studies.

8/5/2005 c10 Rose
Wow, you sure took a long time! I forgot all about this story until I saw it on the update page, and I was like "wow! I completely forgotten about this story!" The story is winding down already? Now that I think about it, 12 or 13 chapters is an average length for a story, but I'm so used to thinking of Clash (btw, cool story name) as a new story it just surprised me. ::pouts:: hardly any Matt in this chapter. Just a few messages. Update soon!
8/5/2005 c10 dyingofluv
OFCOURSE IM STILL READING! I still am and always will...hehehe *corny I know* Oh well. I love it... Hurry up and UPDATE nako, hurry MOWE MOWE MOWE! HEHEHE. Great!
8/5/2005 c10 1photogirl16
Good chapter, I like how Stella and Madison are getting along and actually acting like sisters. The sweet dreams with Matt was cute! update soon!
8/5/2005 c10 3kat6528
madison did pretty good in this chapter... can't wait for the next chapter!
8/5/2005 c10 j
it was great, though i REALLY couldn't stand Madison's speech. ugh
8/5/2005 c10 Kira
good chapter...awesome writing and i love harry potter :) :) great job please update soon!

much love-Kira
8/5/2005 c10 29hasseena
The story is winding down already! Whoa and I thought it has got like more than 10 chapters or something. But thats ok.

You must be really a fast reader to complete Harry Potter 6 in three and a half hours. ;)

Update soon. This chap was short compared to the time it took to come up.
8/5/2005 c10 1psychedelic mishap
you know you idiot, TONNES of people enjoy various lotr music. just because you DON"T, does not mean that you must generalize the whole thing. i mean, it's not like you've listened to the whole thing or anything. sheesh. oh, AND, madison's so annoying. too valley girl like. hmmph. and you're ending it soon? wow...that's interesting. it didn't seem like it'd end anytime soon, that's all. but on with some positive things that will inflate your ego, it was a cool chapter. you are cool. and this will be the only time that i ever say stuff like that to you. so yeh, great chapter. update again - mwa!
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